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The amazing manga retelling of Darren Shan's international best-selling vampire saga, with illustrations by Japanese artist Takahiro Arai. Darren Shan is just an ordinary schoolboy - until he gets an invitation to visit the Cirque du Freak...until he meets Madame Octa...until he comes face-to-face with a creature of the night! Soon Darren is caught up in a web of terror from which he cannot escape, with his best friend's life hanging by the finest of threads. Darren must make a bargain to save Steve, but the only one that can help is not human and only deals in blood...The stunning illustrations and manga format give a new dimension to this ever-popular vampire saga, available for the first time in translation in the UK. This will be a must-have for Shan fans and manga aficionados alike.

Hardcover, 336 pages
ISBN-10: 0007209851
ISBN-13: 9780007209859
52 Book Reviews
  • howls
    howlsover 1 year55 stars
    Darren was a normal school boy but one day has gets to go to a freak show with one of his friends but then his friend realizes that one of the performers is a vampire and I don't want to give too mush away so please read it it soon good 10/10
    • lilogewy-158023958424
      lilogewy-158023958424over 2 years55 starsFeatured
      Cirque du freak is a really intriguing book. It is a book about a boy and his best friend Steve and Darren who get tickets to an illegal freak show. They met many new acts like a snake boy, wolfman, and even Mr. Crepsly a man who can control a spider with his mind. There are many characters that had their own perspectives. I really loved this book and i recommend reading it.
      • emmabean
        emmabeanover 2 yearsFeatured
        Cirque Du Freak is a really good book with fun problems in every chapter. It is about two best friends Darren and Steve, and a Vampire, Mr. Crepsley. Darren and Steve go to an illegal freak show without telling their parents. In the middle of the show, Steve recognizes one of the freaks. I really like this book because it is a true, scary story, it moves smoothly, it has a new problem almost every chapter, and non-ordinary things happen throughout the book. I liked that the author is really good at describing scenes and telling us every detail. I disliked how the author didn't tell us how Mr. Tall knew a lot about Darren and Steve and how the ending is a huge cliffhanger.
        • coffeecake
          coffeecakeover 2 years44 stars
          Cirque Du Freak was really good. It was about two best friends, Darren and Steve. They both journey together to an illegal freak show where they discover a deadly secret about one of the performers. I liked it because it had a lot of plot twists and I find that very hard to pull off. One of my favorite characters is Annie, Darren's little sister. She is very outgoing and trustworthy. I would recommend this book to people that like to be kept on their toes! I also liked that the writer ended with a cliffhanger which always makes the readers beg for more.
          • lokacola33
            lokacola33over 2 years55 stars
            Cirque du Freak was sooo good. I really loved it. Cirque du Freak is about Darren and Steve who are two best friends that get tickets to see an illegal freak show, Cirque du Freak. In the midst of the show, Steve catches something strange, something very peculiar and odd. Steve recognizes one of the performers and his deadly secret... I really liked how the characters had unique characteristics, like how Darren is so nice to his sister but at the same time, he is a curious, young man. Though I disliked how the author didn't tell us how the Tall Man knew all about Darren and Steve, like how he knew their names, how they got their tickets, and where they live.
            • bookreaderover 2 years
              I love the series, the unexpected plot twists and deaths, but after i read book 12 i had many questions about the series, like if the lord of the shadows was destined to come but both Steve and Darren died then who is the lord of the shadows, and since Darren changed the past would he still meet up with Mr Crepsley like Destiny says or will Larten not know who Darren is, and if Vancha was supposed to die in both no matter what since Darren created a new future does Vancha still live and if not how does he die. These questions have been eating at my brain since i finished the series. To me it sounds uncompleted, and i hope another book comes out where it explains what happens in paradise because these questions are really annoying me because i can not stop thinking about them. If someone knows the answer to any of my questions can you please tell me so i can stop worrying to myself about this. I really loved the book though and can not stop drawing character from it. If i were to reread the series i would probably skip book 9 because i do not think i could go through the pain of Larten dying again.
              • Alexover 2 years
                I read this series ya maybe 11 and year slater I still read it and am surprised by every turn and twist. It’s impressive to get a reader suprised by the first read but extraordinary to surprise them every time they read.
                • meggiewv6
                  meggiewv6over 3 years22 stars
                  It's a dark, quick entertaining read. That's it. There are several key things in this book that bug me. One - nothing was ever explained as to how the Tall Man knew so much things about Darren and Steve when they first entered the show. Second, the Tall Man said that Steve is evil, but NOTHING in the book mentioned us that Steve was anything more than a normal boy. Quite weird.
                  • ryahar1617
                    ryahar1617over 5 years
                    Do you believe in vampires? In the book Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan will make you beg for more. Basically it is about vampires exciting right. Four friends Darren, Steve, Allen and Tommy finds a flyer called cirque du freak but the catch was 2 tickets per flyer so they were arguing who would get to go until they decided to draw straws to see who would go. And when Darren won him and Steve went of the freak show. After the show Steve told him to leave but he wouldn't so when Darren found out what Steve was going to do he couldn't believe Steve wanted to become a vampire knowing that he ran away and stole madam Octa the performing spider. when madam Octa broke free of the spider bite Steve. So he has to become a vampire to get the cure from Mr. Crepsley. the antagonist is mr Crepsley but he takes him under his wing and teaches Darren to be a vampire . I thought this book was really good so if you like vampires, spiders then this book will be perfect for you.
                    • caveabout 6 years
                      this book is the best i've read