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Ready to devour some sweet little knowledge nuggets? Check out the new Brain Candy book, filled with fun facts about fascinating topics---animals, toys, sports, science, time, space, and all kinds of surprising stuff! P.S. It’s a great Hanukkah gift or stocking stuffer!

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  • sokeefe_forever
    Hey everyone!!! I'm so sorry for bein gone so long! I've been really busy! I'm doing 11/12th grade this year, and I'm 15 so I'm graduating quite early! (I only needed 2 extra credits to graduate , so my mom decided to let me finish this year, and I was already a grade ahead) I will be graduating 2 days before my 16th birthday! More new things are... I'm going to be an aunt TWICE 9 weeks apart! I'm excited for it! How have you all been? Are any of you guys aunts or uncles?
    • geek_goddess
      My 15th follower is so close to my 1st! Thanks eagle_fan-11! And my 16th, regancornrules! Thanks so much you two!
      • strawberrycow13
        Short part of my book: Samurai let her weary eyes fool her into believing Hero Headphones had retaliated. But no. She brought down her Krak-on Splat Roller just slowly enough for exhausted Samurai to splat her with her Aerospray PG and to achieve near victory within the last ten seconds. This was no mean feat, seeing as Samurai was moving slowly and not as hyper as a near fifteen-year-old said to be juvenile delinquent should be in a battle. Five Panel, Zink, and Helmet were part of her rather colorful team and probably were having enough trouble, so she didn't bother with a ''This way!" sign. Oh well. At least the prestigious of all with prestige Academy would understand her non-stop high guard.
        • strawberrycow13
          Guys I am doing a book summary/short part so here it is, Get your Splat on by Sekmarshmallow! Eight inklings have trained hard for Motherboard University, a prestigious academy of turf war tactics and strategy. Their names are Five Panel, Plum, Zink, Samurai, Contacts, Hero Headphones, Helmet, and Skull bandana. All of them are used to being called weirdos and pegged as delinquents. But when a monstrosity hits their beloved city, Samurai and Team Pastel will have to fight with all they have if they want to free Team Neon from Octolina, a broken hearted Octoling who swears vengeance on Inkling kind.
          • shady_purple77
            QUIZ TIME! (im new I want to get to know u guys) What's your fav color? What's your fav number? Who wrote dork Diaries? Who is your fav music star? What's your fave school lesson (if you're a kid)?
            • shady_purple77
              My answers 1. Purple 2. 12 3. Renee ......... ( to give u a clue) 4. Adele/Katy Perry/Pink ( I cant pick) 5. Art 6. Bsc and Dream_beyond! :)
            • shady_purple77
              Hi everyone i finished learning about Dogo recently and ill try to be on every day anyways have a nice day/morning/night byezz
              • shady_purple77
                btw im new so please follow me Shady_purple77 :)
                • shady_purple77
                  im gonna copy geek_goddess and ill anounce my followers every month ty
              • geek_goddess
                Hey all 14 followers, here's my SHOUTOUT to you! I can't believe that in 3 days I would even get 5 followers! So THANK YOU SOO MUCH! Ok, here's my list! :)! dream_beyond, artbox, redrobin, newsreader277, eagle_fan_11, techfasion0315, doggogirl, queennonobidodo, cici_of_the_sky, wot_now, hewouwu, royal_blue, mesopumpkin, and kitkat47! Thank you so much again! ~geek_goddess!
                • geek_goddess
                  Hey everyone! Give a warm welcome to nickelb12! Welcome to the club!
                  • hewouwu
                    hewouwu4 days
                    1.) Lavender 2.) Cheetah 3.) Warrior cats 4.)I dont have one 5.)Reading 6.)don't let me down @ pretty_kitty congrats!
                    • queennonobidodo
                      Does anyone know when the winners of the Brain Candy 3 book giveaway will be announced?

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