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  • thebestbyfar
    Hi guys! Another weekly book review. Today's is The Last Human. Follow for more!
    • ghostheartbleed
      The wkend no more tears and his other song I dunno what the name of it but it's good and bruno mars and billie eilish NF boy nash Tupac I like a lot of rap and pop and k pop
      • ghostheartbleed
        Who likes doja cat I like 3 songs Say so you right and best friend
        • ghostheartbleed
          They and say a couple sentences in French ahem I'll go first: toutes les marques de commerce et les logos sont la propriete d aquaterra corporation quiz fait affaire sous la denomination eau primo amerique du nord
          • ghostheartbleed
            May people follow like soooo far away from my goal of 50 please follow me
            • fluffy_bee
              Hi everybody!! I just wanted to shoutout a few more people that have followed me! First we have @halier, please go follow her, she has a goal to get to 50 followers 😀 next we have ghostheart, the original and 101 and 666! Thank you all so much for following me!!
              • dragonuniwolf
                What dog sat at a train station For 9years1 what series of books includes Hogwarts and magic!2 I will post my answer at 23 followers
                • clearwater
                  I'd like to thank my very first follower dream wisher 1 you have such a kind and talented heart and happy bubbly personality your heart can shine brighter than the sun and make all people happy all for you is possible positive things head your way
                  • clearwater
                    Hi guys do you like my new avatar I THINK IT LOOKS GOOD
                    • dragonuniwolf
                      Hi, can you follow me thanks

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