Young Children, Videos and Computer Games: Issues for Teachers and Parents

Debate ranges over the effects of the growing utilization by the young of interactive screen-based technologies and the effects of these on vulnerable young chldren. This text is based on two years' research on 100 children, with entertainment screen technology in their homes, following them from home to school and examining the difference in culture in the two environments. The question is asked whether children are developing the necessary IT and other skills required from the maturing learner as we approach the 21st century. Issues such as gender, parenting, violence, censorship and the educational consequences of their screen-based experiences are at the forefront of the text's coverage.
Hardcover, 224 pages
Published on June 1, 1997 by Routledge
ISBN-10: 075070702X
ISBN-13: 9780750707022
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  • nelsonc
    nelsoncalmost 6 years33 starsFeatured
    This book is called Young Children, Videos and Computer Games: Issues for Teachers and Parents, by Jock Sanger, this book is talking about should computer game be allowed. Also talking why some teachers and parents don't think computer games are good. Talk about good and bad reasons about computer games. I chose this book because it talk about my topic "should esport be considered a sport". In the book there's a lot of good reasons, can give me ideas to my writing. For example in the book mention that parents and teachers think that computer games are bad for body, but some people think computer games can increase the brain development. Anyways I would strongly recommend people who are interested in this topic, or people want to know more about computer gaming to read this book.