The Ruby Moon (Thirteen)

Book 2 of 3 in the Thirteen Series
In this delightful sequel to The Glass Castle...Much is at stake while the kingdom enjoys the greatest games on earth.

“Hello?” Avery called, carefully stepping into the darkness.
Suddenly the air grew colder and the scent of wet earth grew stronger as the ground beneath her formed steps—cold, jagged stairs carved into stone—though she had no idea how many there were or where they led. She steadied herself and descended carefully, sliding each slippered foot over the edge and holding her breath.
Everything told her to turn around and go back to her room to
safety. . .

The castle is buzzing with excitement as preparations begin for the upcoming Olympiad. Everyone knows the queen is still on the hunt for the king’s rightful heir, as kids begin mysteriously disappearing from the castle.
When Avery learns that a male runner is needed for an important race in the Olympiad, she volunteers so she can get close to the action. Will she be able to hide her true identity. . .or will she be discovered? One slip-up could mean a trip to the dungeon--or worse.

The Ruby Moon is Book 2 in the Thirteen Series
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The Glass Castle - Book 1
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Hardcover, 240 pages
Published on October 1, 2016 by Shiloh Run Press
ISBN-10: 1634099036
ISBN-13: 9781634099035
14 Book Reviews
  • jonaspriebe
    jonaspriebeabout 5 years55 stars
    I love this book series! Its about after the children start disappearing Tuck, Avery, Kendrick, and Kate decide they need to find a new home. So Avery explores the underbelly of the castle, where some of the most ferocious prisoners are. They find new friends and secrets begin to unravel. You will have to read the book to find out more!
    • bookqueen1o13
      bookqueen1o13over 5 years
      this book looks good is it?
      • snicker9
        snicker9almost 6 yearsFeatured
        The Ruby Moon completely lived up to its predecessor "The Glass Castle", the first in the series. After I first read The Glass Castle I couldn't wait to read the sequel! Of course I was horrified when I found out I would have to wait almost a full year til it even came out-not to mention when I would get access to it. So I was thrilled when I received it for my birthday. That very next day I re-read The Glass Castle and finished The Ruby Moon. In the Ruby Moon, Avery along with her friends Tuck, Kate and Kendrick are still in charge of the secret underground society of 13 year olds, all who are in hiding from the king and new queen. But they are in the least expected place-the castle itself. Little does the royal couple know that their castle is pretty much run by the kids. Now that the Olympiads are soon arriving, the stakes become even higher as Avery prepares to run in the race, and kids are disappearing. Fear is in the air. All the while, Avery is discovering who the lost heir to the throne is, and who her mother really was. As the days go on, times become more dangerous.Will the kids be discovered? And who is there real enemy? Who can Avery really trust? Just as in the Glass Castle, this book is filled with many plot twists and turns. You don't know what will happen next! I recommend this book to fantasy lovers of all ages, but especially to pre-teens and teenagers. I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. The Ruby Moon has joined the ranks of The Glass Castle on my favorites shelf! I am ecstatic to read the next installment in the series! I can't wait!
        • memoiloveit
          memoiloveitalmost 6 years55 stars
          The Ruby Moon is about a girl named Avery who is trapped in the castle, living with other thirteen year olds after getting taken from their homes with no notice for their families. The Olympiads are taking place, which is when males from their kingdom or from other kingdoms compete in athletic events. The king is holding the Olympiads to find someone to be the next ruler because he is dying and he can't have a child. At the same time, other thirteen year olds are disappearing from the castle. A runner is needed for an important race so Avery volunteers to do it. Avery and her friends need to learn why the king is dying. Avery won the race so she could speak to the king alone about this, but when everybody finds out that she is a girl, she has to hide with the remaining thirteen year olds in the basement of the castle so the queen doesn't kill them. This book is in the middle because it was really interesting and there were many connections to the same thing in the story, but it was too short and not that exciting and descriptive towards the end of the book.
          • demosthenes
            demosthenesalmost 6 years
            yes!!! i just won this on dogo and i loved the first and i know i'll love this one!!!
            • iifreeze
              iifreezealmost 6 years
              WOW! GOOD!
              • iifreeze
                iifreezealmost 6 years
                This book is really good. It shows how people of both genders are important. They are all equal. This book shows men are as good as women and sometimes even more clever. They can be tricky to deal with (Yeah, this is sorta becoming the Roast Yourself Challenge, but whatever) and may be stubborn 32.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999% (Uh, IDK.) of the time, but are equally living, breathing creatures. And vice versa.
                • skydragon
                  skydragonalmost 6 years
                  I love the cover art. It's amazing. I bet the story is good too. :)
                  • westonalmost 6 years
                    This book shows that boys are just as powerful than girls sometimes even smarter
                    • trishawhitepriebe
                      trishawhitepriebealmost 6 years
                      Weston, thanks for the note. You made me laugh out loud! If you look at history you will see a long line of boys and men who have made BIG contributions to the freedoms we enjoy today. Never forget the fact that YOU can make a difference. --Trisha :)
                    • wowalmost 6 years
                      wow wow