The Magical Crafts Fairies #2: Annabelle the Drawing Fairy

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Grades K - 3Grade 5n/a4.64550
These fairies are crafty!

Rainspell Island is hosting an Arts and Crafts Week. Rachel and Kirsty can't wait to try all the different creative activities! But Jack Frost has other plans. He likes making chaos more than making art.

Annabelle the Drawing Fairy's pencil sharpener is missing--without it, drawings will be ruined. Kirsty and Rachel are determined to find it as soon as possible!

Find the special fairy object in each book and help save the arts and crafts magic!
Paperback, 80 pages
Published on February 24, 2015 by Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN-10: 0545708303
ISBN-13: 9780545708302
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  • mykyruvu-158048913791
    mykyruvu-158048913791over 2 years44 stars
    This book genre is fiction and it was written by Daisy Meadows.There were two families living and two Girls were best friends. One fairy noticed that her magical item was missing. The goblins had it and they were destroying the world and they were making horrible things. But the fairy and the two girls were trying to stop them. Later on the fairy finally got her magical item and the girls were very tankful for themselves. the maid character is Annabelle and she is very thoughtful and thankful for what she has. She always counts on Kristy and Rachel for helping her. When Kristy and Rachel are stuck with the goblins then Annabelle thinks about them so she is looking out for Kristy and Rachel. Annabelle in the beginning of the story was scared because her magical pencil sharpener was missing and it was taken by Jack Frost and his goblins a few days ago. If the goblins have the sharpener then that means that all of the humans would draw horrible but if Annabelle has it then Jack frost and his goblins would draw horrible. But eventually the girls and Annabelle got the sharpener and if Annabelle did not have Kristy and Rachel then she could not even get hr magical pencil sharpener back. one unanswered question I would like the ask the author is that, "Couldn't the crowd see through the blue gas?" In this book i enjoyed that the fairy is going to find her stuff to save the world from drawing and to take down the goblins and Jack Frost once and for all. I enjoyed that because I like it when they take down the bad guys because I like it when the world is saved by good people and that Jack Frost and his goblins are going down. I would recommend this book because I still love it when Jack Frost and his goblins are going to be nice people for now and that they learned a lesson but if they learned their lesson and they are still bad then the good guys are always going to be there. That is why I would really recommend this book forever.