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Grades 3 - 5Grades 1 - 5S3.327168
The year she is in fifth grade, Doris meets a special friend in her Bronx neighborhood.
Hardcover, 118 pages
Published on August 25, 1980 by Clarion Books
ISBN-10: 0395294339
ISBN-13: 9780395294338
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  • jrolle2
    jrolle2over 6 years
    This beginning was ok but not great. When it got to the next chapters, I never stopped reading it. I was astonished to see that after chapter 10 passed, I didn't put the book down!!!!The last 2 chapters were sad. You should buy this book. This review should convince you to buy it. So go buy it and read! It started out in this school and there's these seven kids that hangout everyday at school. The main character is Doris and she is a girl that feels like she's in a prison because she can't stay afterschool with her friends and she haves to come home and watch her one year old baby brother. One day she did and the new boy Amir was there. Big Russell,Yellow bird,and Sherman picked on him because he didn't play basketball. Doris thought they were going to give him a name like Big Russell. It seemed like they were going to fight because he didn't play balland this other boy named T.T. jumped in it and they started fussing with him. Doris thinks its wrong that they mess with him like that. Well you will see what happens in the next review. I think this book is good and it should get 5 stars.