The Fault in Our Stars Parody: The Fault Is All Yours

Reid Mockery is Amazon's Best Selling Parody author. He has hit number one on Amazon's Best Seller List numerous times with numerous titles. His latest is called, "The Fault Is All Yours" and it pokes fun at John Green's Best Seller, The Fault In Our Stars. In a style that is only Reid Mockery's, the story follows two teens with the some of the most bizarre fatal diseases imaginable. They fall in love at the "Circle of Death" support group and go through a series of challenges as each one takes turns almost dying. Mockery has turned up the tear quotient with a much higher tragic death rate than Green's original. During this journey, there are jokes and scenes that take the serious topic of the original and turn it into a light hearted story about two crazy kids who happen to be sick.
Kindle Edition, 67 pages
Published on May 20, 2014 by Murmuring Press
1 Book Review
  • sabrina17
    sabrina17over 7 years55 stars
    i love this book littery its such a wonderful book . Very intresting sad funny and very bright people do bright things.I reccomend this book.