The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict (The Mysterious Benedict Society)

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Grades 4 - 8Grades 4 - 8V6.2118160
Before there was a Mysterious Benedict Society, there was simply a boy named Nicholas Benedict. Meet the boy who started it all....

Nine-year-old Nicholas Benedict has more problems than most children his age. Not only is he an orphan with an unfortunate nose, but he also has narcolepsy, a condition that gives him terrible nightmares and makes him fall asleep at the worst possible moments. Now he's being sent to a new orphanage, where he will encounter vicious bullies, selfish adults, strange circumstances -- and a mystery that could change his life forever. Luckily, he has one important thing in his favor: He's a genius.

On his quest to solve the mystery, Nicholas finds enemies around every corner, but also friends in unexpected places -- and discovers along the way that the greatest puzzle of all is himself.
Hardcover, 480 pages
Published on April 10, 2012 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 0316176192
ISBN-13: 9780316176194
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  • jb9
    jb9almost 2 years55 stars
    💜👍 this is like the best book series ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please read this s series it is the like best best best!!
    • roxanne3
      roxanne3about 2 years44 stars
      I just finished this book, and I think it is really good, even though it doesn't relate to the other books in the series. This book is from when Mr. Benedict was just 9 years old, and he was living at an orphanage. He is super smart, but there are these three boys that bully him a lot. He makes a new friend, and he learns about a hidden treasure that is somewhere in 'Childs End. (the orphanage) He starts looking for this treasure, and he finds a lot of clues. He also makes a couple more new friends!!Read thi s book to find out if Nicholas finds the treasure, and what it is!!
      • wizardginnyl
        wizardginnylalmost 3 years55 stars
        there is another book.
        • plum2008
          plum2008almost 5 years55 stars
          This book gives a little about mr Benedict when he was a child and what teasing he had to go through
          • snicker9
            snicker9over 5 years55 starsFeatured
            Nicholas Benedict is a child genius. He can read any book in minutes, can figure out how to fix any machine, and has a phonographic memory. But he also has narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a sleeping conditions that sends Nicholas in a deep sleep at any unexpected moment, but especially when he is experiencing strong emotions. Because of his character traits and his condition, Nicholas is sent to Rothchild's Manor after he is kicked out of a different orphanage. Here he is locked in his own room at night and bullied by the Spiders. He makes enemies and one friend-but will the pressure from the Spider's crack the friendship? Nicholas soon finds out about a mystery to solve-a hidden treasure. Turns out the founders of the orphanage (the Rothchilds) had more treasure-and part of it was missing, the secret buried with the couple. Nicholas is determined to find the treasure to free him from the orphanage life. But someone else is looking for the treasure-Mr. Collum, the orphanage director. Will Nicholas be able to beat Mr. Collum to the finish line? I liked in this book that Nicholas really makes having so much intelligence look like fun. In some other books children with incredible knowledge are portrayed in a negative fashion. I really liked that this was solid background information on Mr. Benedict from the series "The Mysterious Benedict Society". Now we meet Nicholas, his child self and learn where he came from, about his sleeping condition, and how he grew up. Although there are a few gaps, we now can understand Nicholas as an adult. The main character Nicholas, had depth. We felt what he was feeling, we understood him, we cried when he cried. However, the other characters seemed to be a bit predictable. John had a sob story background, and was hesitant to defy the bullies. Violet was kind and determined to help her family. Even though the characters had predictable faults I think Stewart did a great job of tying all the characters and the plot together so that the puzzle pieces fit. I also liked in this book that there were little hidden clues to the big picture. Stewart did a fine job of foreshadowing. I recommend this book to anyone 5th grade and up. I think the characters and overall mystery in this book would not be suitable for anyone below. On the other hand, I think this is the sort of book that any adult can read and still find enjoyable. I think this book is perfect for mystery lovers. I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.
            • leecifur
              leecifuralmost 6 years55 stars
              This book is AWESOME!!!!
            • demosthenes
              demosthenesalmost 6 years
              i finished this book like a week ago and i want to restart the original trilogy! it shows the backstory of Nicholas Benedict, the founder of the Mysterious Benedict Society, going to a new mysterious orphanage. he is having troubles at first but soon makes friends with John and Violet! there are so many twist and turns in the book that keep you reading late into the night...i read it to 2 in the morning!! READ IT!
              • otter
                otterover 8 years
                THis is almost as good as the other ones!
                • ladylily
                  ladylilyover 9 years55 stars
                  SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD
                  • nerd7
                    nerd7about 10 years55 stars
                    This isd full of suspense ! In one book p.b. decided to do the whole book backwards .Loved it.Is totally a MUST READ !!