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Grades 4 - 8Grades 4 - 7U6.373472

ThunderClan's darkest hour is upon them, as Tigerstar's quest for power plunges all the Clans into the most terrible danger any cat has ever faced. In order to save his Clan and his friends, Fireheart must uncover the meaning of an ominous proclamation from StarClan:

"Four will become two. Lion and tiger will meet in battle, and blood will rule the forest."

The time has come for prophecies to unfold, and for heroes to rise ...

Hardcover, 336 pages
Published on October 5, 2004 by HarperCollins
ISBN-10: 0060000074
ISBN-13: 9780060000073
52 Book Reviews
  • littleriver
    littleriverover 4 years55 stars
    • bruceset000
      bruceset000about 5 years
      i enjoyed this book very much it is an action packed adventure for our main character fireheart now known as firestar.While tigerstar has formed tigerclan with riverclan and shadowclan tigerstar goes off and bring outsiders into the forest also known as blood clan.In the end thunderclan and windclan come together and fight tigerclan and bloodclan who will win read the book to find out.
      • rarepolic
        rarepolicover 5 years
        • moewover 5 years
          I am reading it it is the best book ever
          • firestar_247
            firestar_247almost 6 years55 stars
            I love this book! Forester's Nine Lives Ceremony is so cool, and that epic moment when Firestarter defeats Scourge is awesome. If you like Warriors, you should read this book.
            • horse10049about 6 years
              TIgerstar rules ShadowClan, Scourge comes to the forest. A new change for ThunderClan will come the Clans to team up to defeat Scourge, a new generation, a new leader, Bluestar makes peace with her kits on dry land. "Good Luck, Firestar," Scourge amazed when Scourge killed him, yet didn't. Scourge rips out nine major organs out of TIgerstar, one for each life. Whitestorm the new deputy, killed in the battle. Cinderpelt the medicine cat. So much change. Yet such a good book.
              • 6ste
                6stealmost 7 years
                This book is just fascinating. "Four will become two, lion and tiger will meet in battle. And Blood will rule the forest", that prophecy amazes me. The part where Tigerstar loses 9 lives and dies is a little scary but Scourge got his revenge (Read "Rise of Scourge"). But the part where Firestar kills Scourge is amazing; the BloodClan cats just flee like prey and the amazement in the eyes of Blood Clan cats when they realized that they're leader was defeated.
                • bittu
                  bittuover 3 years44 stars
                  Scourge did not stand a chance against Firestar
                • zimandgir
                  zimandgirabout 7 years55 stars
                  This book is increible, but it is full of action and you have to pay very close attention to whats happening.The way that Tigerstar dies is just .... scary
                  • 10039744
                    10039744over 7 years
                    • mckid100
                      mckid100over 7 years
                      This book is awesome, but a little freaky...