Taylor Swift (Superstars!)

Taylor Swift (Superstars!)

By Lynn Peppas

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Not many years ago, country music sensation Taylor Swift was singing karaoke and learning to play her first guitar. Today, the superstar singer and songwriter performs sold-out concerts around the world. Her albums sell millions of copies, she's won numerous music awards, and she's been on the cover of just about every popular magazine.
Publisher: Crabtree Pub Co
ISBN-13: 9780778772613
ISBN-10: 0778772616
Published on 11/30/2010
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 32

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I am such a big Taylor Swift fan and she is so cool. This Gives me a lot of information about her and I really wish that when she dies. That Probably won’t happen in a while. I’ll take her place because I love singing and singing is one of my favorite things in the world She is so cool and I and I really love singing and I wish I could meet her one day And that’s why I gave this book 5 stars

It is a very good book! I am kind of a Taylor fanatic (i mean look at my username!) and this book has a lot of easily know facts that you should know if you even sorta like her. But if you are a fanatic i wouldn't buy it because i assure you that you will not find out anything new.

This looks like a good book? Maybe? I'm sorta a fan of Taylor Swift...