The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 2)

The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 2)

By Rick Riordan

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After a summer spent trying to prevent a catastrophic war among the Greek gods, Percy Jackson finds his seventh-grade school year unnervingly quiet. His biggest problem is dealing with his new friend, Tyson-a six-foot-three, mentally challenged homeless kid who follows Percy everywhere, making it hard for Percy to have any "normal" friends.
But things don't stay quiet for long. Percy soon discovers there is trouble at Camp Half-Blood: the magical borders which protect Half-Blood Hill have been poisoned by a mysterious enemy, and the only safe haven for demigods is on the verge of being overrun by mythological monsters. To save the camp, Percy needs the help of his best friend, Grover, who has been taken prisoner by the Cyclops Polyphemus on an island somewhere in the Sea of Monsters, the dangerous waters Greek heroes have sailed for millennia-only today, the Sea of Monsters goes by a new name.the Bermuda Triangle.
Now Percy and his friends-Grover, Annabeth, and Tyson-must retrieve the Golden Fleece from the Island of the Cyclopes by the end of the summer or Camp Half-Blood will be destroyed. But first, Percy will learn a stunning new secret about his family-one that makes him question whether being claimed as Poseidon's son is an honor or simply a cruel joke.

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
ISBN-13: 9781423103349
ISBN-10: 1423103343
Published on 3/20/2007
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 320

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better than the first more exiting, more information about his family. Adventure awaits fun book. recommend this book for people who have read the first one

Percy Jackson has just found out that he is a demigod-a person who is half-human, half-god. Not only that, but he's the son of Poseidon, one of the most important gods in Greek mythology. Percy is looking forward to going to Camp Half-Blood, a camp just for demigods, but his mom tells him disturbing news: he can't go to camp because it's too dangerous! At school, Percy is at gym class when huge human-eating giants called Laisygorians attack. They try to kill Percy with flaming dodgeballs, but Percy's friend Annabeth, who is also a demigod, and a homeless kid called Tyson save him. As they escape, Annabeth tells him that camp is unsafe because Thalia's tree, which previously protected the camp, has been poisoned by their enemies, the Titan Kronos, and his followers. When they get to Camp Half-Blood, Percy learns that Tyson is a cyclops, a one-eyed giant. He also learns that the only way to save the camp is to go to an island off the coast of Florida, where the Golden Fleece is being kept by a Cyclops called Polyphemus. Their only hope is to get the fleece back to camp and use it to heal the tree. Percy discovers that his friend Grover is also being held captive on the island. Can Percy and his friends save both Grover and the camp? I recommend this book if you like funny books and/or Greek mythology.

Book so fun and interesting!! Be sure to read book 1 first!! Happy reading!

It was great! Definitely read the first book first, then read this one. Read this book in less than a day. Recommend for ages 10+!

This book is about Greek mythology and it's the second book of the first series of Rick Riordan's books. It shows how Percy is a Half-Blood. Percy Jackson goes to find his friend Grover, the satyr.

Actuality i love Greek novels and adventures and that is what Percy books are all about

I've read all of the PJO, the entire HoO series, the whole ToA series, every book from the KC series, and most of MCA series. I love all of Rick Riordan books, and I recommend all of them!

I have read the Percy Jackson series. I really love the statement "I write my own destiny!". Additionally, I think it is a great feeling to recognize all the gods from the Greek Mythology while reading. I really appreciate the author to write this novel, as it really takes me on a journey through portals of time and space. I strongly recommend everyone to give it a try, don't even hesitate!

I've read the whole PJO series, the whole HoO series, and I'm on Trials of Apollo. I love all of Rick Riordans work, its amazing. PJO and HoO are both one of my fav book series. ToA is good but i liked PJO and HoO better.

This is book 2 in the series. I have already recommended book 1.

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