Middle School: Escape to Australia

Middle School: Escape to Australia

By James Patterson

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Book 9 of 11 in the  Middle School Series
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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 6n/a5.325899
In the newest installment of James Patterson's bestselling Middle School series, everyone's favorite underdog hero Rafe Khatchadorian is headed to the dangerous wilds of Australia!

Rafe isn't exactly considered a winner in Hills Village Middle School to say the least, but everything's about to change: he's won a school-wide art competition, and the fabulous prize is getting to jet-set off to Australia for a whirlwind adventure! But Rafe soon finds that living in the Land Down Under is harder than he could've ever imagined--his host-siblings are anything but welcoming, the burning temperatures are torturous, and poisonous critters are ready to sting or eat him at every step. So with the help of some new misfit friends, Rafe sets out to show everyone what he does best: create utter mayhem!
Publisher: jimmy patterson
ISBN-13: 9780316272629
ISBN-10: 0316272620
Published on 3/6/2017
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 288

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Rafe wins a school art contest and a trip to Australia. When he arrives, It is raining very heavily and the host's children are not welcoming. His trip improves when he meets new friends. This book reminds me of when I went on vacation and it rained all day. I really like this series.

Rafe wins a school art project and a trip to Australia to showcase his art. When he arrives, it is raining heavily and his host's children are not welcoming. His trip starts to improve when he meets new friends. This book reminded me of my vacation when it rained all day. I really like this book.

the book looks great and I hpoe you guys love it like I did bye

This book is good and if you like other "Middle School" books then I believe you will like this one. A young kid wins an art competition and gets to go to Australia. That book leaves you like what will happen next.

CaptainMJ CaptainMJ

I liked this book because it was funny. I have read 7 books in the series and I like them all. I want to read all the books in the series because they make me laugh.

I really like the Middle school series

It is the second funniest barely behind diary of a wimpy kid all 12 to be exact this is in my top 10 favorites at number 2

hi mrma hi mrma

i like it but not like the other ones

amaya amaya

i love this book i want all of them

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