Road to Yesterday

Road to Yesterday

By L. M. Montgomery

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Book 9 of 9 in the  Anne of Green Gables Series
For Anne and Gilbert Blythe, life in a small village is never dull because of all the entertaining gossip, and what strange and funny tales they hear: about the mischievous twins whose dearest wish comes true when they meet up with a bored and haunted millionaire; or clever Penelope Craig, who considers herself an expert on children -- until she adopts a boy of her own; or Timothy Randebush, a man so eager to keep his brother out of the clutches of a dangerous woman that he spirits her away -- only to fall prey to her charms himself. Filled with unexpected surprises, laughter, and tears, here are fourteen of the Blythes' favorite tales.
Publisher: TBS The Book Service Ltd
ISBN-13: 9780207956461
ISBN-10: 0207956464
Published on 7/1/1975
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 252

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