Zombies Don't Cry (A Living Dead Love Story)

Zombies Don't Cry (A Living Dead Love Story)

By Rusty Fischer

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In the sleepy small town of Barracuda Bay, Maddy Swift leads the life of a fairly typical teenager, but while attending a party one night, Maddy is struck by lightning and awakens to realize she has been reanimated and turned into a zombie.
Publisher: Medallion Press
ISBN-13: 9781605423821
ISBN-10: 1605423823
Published on 5/1/2011
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 371

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I think maddie should end up with Dane and not stamp. by the way who names a kid stamp. Also I like tat they had 2 different types of zombies the zombies and the zekers(bad zombies)

I feel (is the begining)

bad for Maddy that she had to kill almost the entire school to get the Zerkers