Stuart Little

Stuart Little

By E.B. White

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Being small and a mouse can be an inconvenience, but not for Stuart Little. He does almost everything that humans do. A book full of adventure and humor, this selection helps us feel that there is no challenge that cannot be met.

Publisher: Harper & Row
ISBN-13: 9780060263959
ISBN-10: 0060263954
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 131

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Stuart Little, by E. B. White, tells that even if you are shy and small, you can still have a wonderful adventure. Stuart little is a shy mouse born in New York City and his best friend ,a beautiful bird named Margalo, has mysteriously disappeared in the summer when Stuart was seven. Earlier, Margalo had flied into the house Stuart Little was living in, when Stuart had bronchitis. Since then, he had made best friends with Margalo. He decided to head north to look for Margalo. However, this book says nothing about wether or not Stuart actually found Margalo. I like this book a lot, and I recommend this classic for boys and girls, third to sixth grade.

If you looked at Stuart Little, you would think he was born inside a mouse hole. He looks exactly like a mouse. In fact, he was born to Frederick C.Little, who was a human. Being only 2 inches high causes a lot of problems, so Stuart gets into many adventures. A little bird named Margalo gets injured and the Littles provide a home for her. Stuart becomes great friends with her. But when she flies away, Stuart must leave his home to look for her. This book is perfect for people who like funny stories.

I like this review! It’s nice and has details.

It's about a mouse who has lots and lots of adventures. It is funny, sad and cool and scary at times.

It is about a mouse named Stuart Little who lives with an American family near a park in New York City. Stuart lives with the house cat Snowbell. Snowbell is jelous of Stuart because mouses are usually prey for cats. But unlike Stuart is a member of the Little family so Snowbell can't eat Stuart like he wants to. I recomend this book to people who like adventure. And mouses who try not to get eaten by a cat.

This book was great because it is a very entertaining story and I found it easy to read . It helps give readers a better vocabulary , and it is a classic in children's literature. The book is about a mouse that lives with a human family and has all kinds of adventures.

Noemi Noemi

Very good

imogen imogen

10 stars

imogen imogen

amazing book loved it

Jaylen Jaylen

It was good I read it last year

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