Out Of The Dust

Out Of The Dust

By Karen Hesse

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Grades 5 - 8 Grades 5 - 8 X 5.3 19756
This gripping story, written in sparse first-person, free-verse poems, is the compelling tale of Billie Jo's struggle to survive during the dust bowl years of the Depression. With stoic courage, she learns to cope with the loss of her mother and her grieving father's slow deterioration. There is hope at the end when Billie Jo's badly burned hands are healed, and she is able to play her beloved piano again. The 1998 Newbery Medal winner.
ISBN-13: 9780590371254
ISBN-10: 0590371258
Published on 9/3/2009
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 240

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TavianE TavianE

The book Out of the Dust follows the hardships and Problems of Billie Jo's life but I gets better over time

The book Out of the Dust is a good book, i found the time setting interesting. Billie jo's rough life of living through the dust storms of the 1930's, and the struggles of her life.

I thought overall it was a good book. Some parts were boring and some were sad. Overall It's a good book.

The book was very good but i didn't always understand

The book overall was amazing as to that in the 1930's there are misery and dust storms creating a negativity all around hope in everyone and overall it was inspiring.

The book Out of the Dust was not a good book in my opinion, but others might disagree. The whole book was just sad and I did not like that.

The story "Out of the Dust" was a perfect reading for the 7th graders.

Emmerling Emmerling

This book was good, that had some good parts and some sad ones too. For example when Billie Jo's Ma past away it was very tough for Billie Jo and her father to get back on their feet again. Overall the book was good with some sad parts to it.

" Out of the Dust" is a book about a girl, over coming obstacles that came with the dust storms. Over all the book is a great book, but can be boring at times.

_luchovick_J_ _luchovick_J_

Good book but, after awhile it just keeps getting worse and worse, it started to get old, but it;s still a great book.

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