National Geographic Kids Almanac 2018 (National Geographic Almanacs)

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2018 (National Geographic Almanacs)

By National Geographic Kids

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Kids can have fun keeping up with our quickly changing world with the New York Times best-selling Almanac, packed with incredible photos, tons of fun facts, crafts, activities, and fascinating features about animals, science, nature, technology, and more. New features include three chapters on engineering and technology, space and Earth, and life sciences; a guide to New Orleans, just in time for its 300th birthday; an updated Fun and Games chapter filled with all-new games, jokes, and comics; all new weird-but-true facts, crafts, and activities; 18 Facts for 2018 feature in every chapter; updated reference material, and much more.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books
ISBN-13: 9781426327735
ISBN-10: 1426327730
Published on 5/9/2017
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 352

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it was awesome. only fault(a company error) is the challenges and books are published the year before they are listed.also the years challenge was crumy but easy. but over all a great book! :)

Did you know if Earth was the size of a grain of sand then the sun would be the size of an orange or Almost 97% of Earths water is salt water? I didn't until I read this amazing book!! Everything from Famous animals to Space & Earth to Fun Games you can learn all about really cool things in this amazing National Geographic Almanac!! And there isn't just facts about one country - it talks about many! Recommended for EVERYONE! Thanks for reading -Ajg16's reviews

This is a great book to tell you everything that happened in 2018 I love how it tells you awesome facts and talks about states presidents sports and animals!I won this off of dogo and I always read it when I'm bored .my favorite fact in it is.there are 3d printers that use chocolate for ink!also jokes liks......why are pigs bad drivers??because they hog !the road!!!😂😂😂😂I rate this 5/5 I recommend for all ages!

this book help us learn about sharks and i love sharks and dinosaurs died by lava and volcanos and they were no long live sad science people say u will never no that dinosaurs are till real or not

I decided to read this book because I like to learn about different animals especially sharks like the great shark I have another book and I learned this, Did you know that dinosaurs didn't really die because of a meteor, they died because a volcano bursted and the lava balls came towards the dinosaurs and some of them died but even worse!!! The lava started to drip and all the lava catched up to the dinosaurs and they all got assassinated. The volcano I was talking about was a long time ago when the dinosaurs lived until it bursted. Thank you for listening to my informational book witch is me.

Nice book about sharks. It has SO MANY shark facts. Its great for anyone one to read especially shark lovers. National geographic is amazing and always does an amazing job!!! THE shark pictures are so cool GET THIS BOOK!

Hi! I liked this book, although it takes forever to read from cover to cover. Mostly, my favorite chapters were "Fun and games", "amazing animals", "history happens", and more! This book has games, fun facts, pictures, history bits, and little bits about different countries. It's very interesting.

I always love reading the NatGeo's almanac every year. There are tons of interesting facts and I always learn something new each time I read it.

the book is good even though its almost the same as the 2017 edition

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