Each Little Bird That Sings (Golden Kite Honors)

Each Little Bird That Sings (Golden Kite Honors)

By Deborah Wiles

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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 3 - 5 U 4.5 41376
Ten-year-old Comfort Snowberger has attended 247 funerals. But that's not surprising, considering that her family runs the town funeral home. And even though Great-uncle Edisto keeled over with a heart attack and Great-great-aunt Florentine dropped dead--just like that--six months later, Comfort knows how to deal with loss, or so she thinks. She's more concerned with avoiding her crazy cousin Peach and trying to figure out why her best friend, Declaration, suddenly won't talk to her. Life is full of surprises. And the biggest one of all is learning what it takes to handle them.

Deborah Wiles has created a unique, funny, and utterly real cast of characters in this heartfelt, and quintessentially Southern coming-of-age novel. Comfort will charm young readers with her wit, her warmth, and her struggles as she learns about life, loss, and ultimately, triumph.
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780152056575
ISBN-10: 0152056572
Published on 8/1/2006
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 276

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horselover horselover

I love this book it is so fun to read I love all the cool names like comfort and dismay

horselover horselover

I love this book it is so fun to read I love all the cool names like comfort and dismay

This book has been awesome so far. In the beginning it is a little boring but than it starts to pick up a bit when uncle Edisto dies and when peach ruins everything. Right now I am on the part where Comfort and Declaration get into a fight. I am looking forward to see what happens and hoping for a good reading adventure.

This story is great! It expresses an emotional topic in a light and enjoyable way! People should really read this. It teaches us a lot about life.

this is such a good book it made my teacher cry its so good like i hate reading but these books r really good

i love this book it is very wise if you have a loved one that just passed away read this book it also tells that sometime you have to make hard choices. REALLY GOOD BOOK!!!! :-)

"Each Little Bird That Sings" is a touching, bittersweet book that quickly worked its way onto my "Favorite Books" list. It's a fantastically-written tale of the friendship, companionship, death, and sadness that are a big part of some of our lives. This book has just the right amount of sorrow and humor. I loved it so much - I would strongly recommend it!

Great-uncle Edisto, Great-great-aunt Florentine and someone really close to her dies. It made my teacher cry so hard she had to call in a sub. I even dropped a tear, to find out who died. READ THIS BOOK! It is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

This book is great. It really makes you think. And it has a good amount of humor too. Like the names for example, who would name a akid comfort?

This book is about a girl named Comfort Snowberger (these people have weird names in this book lol) is going through a lot. Her great-aunt dies, her best friend is suddenly mad at her, and her annoying cousin, Peach (Peach is a boy, just to let you know) is bugging her.

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