National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books)

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Grades P - 3Grades 2 - 3Ln/an/a
Linking to a popular feature in the super successful National Geographic Little Kids magazine, this book brings the browsable fun of the bestselling National Geographic Kids Almanac to a new audience: preschoolers! Using an interactive question-and-answer format and content grounded in a child's immediate world, the Big Book of Why delivers lively information, hands-on games, simple recipes, crafts, and more. What makes a car go? How does mushy dough become a crispy cookie? What does the doctor see in my throat? An essential parent reference, The Big Book of Why invites children to ask big questions, think big thoughts, and get answers that are accurate, engaging, level-appropriate, and based on sound educational findings. It helps prepare preschoolers for school in an interactive wayβ€”the very best way to foster learning at this age, according to research. Highly photographic and playful, this big book is an adventure in exploration.
Hardcover, 128 pages
Published on May 10, 2011 by National Geographic Kids
ISBN-10: 1426307934
ISBN-13: 9781426307935
8 Book Reviews
  • cookiefoxcandy
    cookiefoxcandyabout 2 months55 stars
    Hi Cookie lovers! Even of you are older than A kid try it! I have been reading this since late kindergarten!!!! Its the best and can answer questions that the little ones need answered!!! Bye candy and cookie cravers, I will do another book now!
    • pizzagirl7
      pizzagirl7about 2 years44 stars
      Ever wonder why islands don't sink? Or why cats purr? ( or a lot of other things you wonder about?) Well!this is a great book for you. This tought me a lot . I recommend it for all ages (even though it says for younger kids you'll learn a couple things πŸ˜‰) I rate this book 4/5 stars 😁 thanks for reading review! -Pizzagirl7😁
      • pizzagirl7
        pizzagirl7almost 3 years44 stars
        I loved this book so much it has so many facts in it that I did not even know and it says little kids!I think this is a great book for all of the really good facts are did you know that frozen water is lighter than water ,that's why ice cubes float!also it answers questions like any does popcorn pop! And it fun little experiments you can try .I. Rate this book 5/5 stars 😁 😁 Pizzagirl7 😁 😁
        • lil_lil101
          lil_lil101almost 6 years33 stars
          I recommended this book for younger kids I really liked this book when I was in kindergarten now I'm in fifth grade and I really enjoy a book called national geographic kids why? over 1,111 answers to everything. Sorry I haven't wrote a review for that book yet I haven't finished reading this book but so far so good.
          • doglover15
            doglover15about 6 years44 stars
            I think its a great book for those little explorers that wants to go all around the world. I think that people should read this book because that you'll just want to keep reading.
            • lewis12
              lewis12over 6 years55 stars
              I love this book
              • maomao
                maomaoover 9 years55 stars
                i've read that book! P.S. I LOVED IT!
                • sargun
                  sargunabout 10 years55 stars
                  i really love it i am sooo! exited but i had soo fun reading this book i rilly love my frindes thanks friends