Male/Female Roles (Opposing Viewpoints Series)

Authors in this anthology debate whether gender is biological or culturally determined, if male and female roles have changed for the better, and how best to improve relationships between men and women.
Paperback, 219 pages
Published on July 12, 2004 by Greenhaven Press
ISBN-10: 073772241X
ISBN-13: 9780737722413
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  • angelay
    angelayalmost 6 years44 starsFeatured
    I learned a lot about different perspectives from this book, and I also learned that in order to understand a controversy, you will have to consider every point of view and not just stick to your own opinion. Some of the authors in the book state that women often earn a lot lesser than men, and also mention the fact that women often have to take care of sick family members as well. After reading several different opinions on this, I think that women do deserve the right to determine whether they want to start a family, or focus on their career first. They also talk about how women deserve more job opportunities in the workplace, and how males need to grow up and take up the job of caring for the children as well. However, they don't really get around to explaining how this new system can possibly solve the problem of gender inequality or how it is any better than the traditional patriarchal family. After finishing this book, I finally have a greater appreciation of how every gender needs the other, and how each gender should have both equal rights and respect.