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    AMULET By: KAZU KIBUISHI The story about curious girl and boy. the names are Emily and Navin and don't really say their mother's name but their dad died from a car crash. Emily is a female she is older and a stone keeper Navin is the youngest he is a male sibling. When Emily was a little girl and her mom and dad were driving to pick up Navin but they have an accident and Emily's dad died. So a few years later Emily and her brother Navin and their mom went to their old great-grandpa's old dangerous house. It was strange. Then a strange figure lures Emily and Navin’s mom through a strange basement. so they didn’t want to lose their mother they go follow her to an underground where there are demons, robots, and talking animals. Then they follow a strange man to a house where they meet their great-grandpa Silas Charnonand's robot named Miskit and they think they can save their mother. Emily is a stone keeper that is why it says on the cover of Amulet.
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