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    “The Brightest Night”, the fifth book in the “Wings of Fire” series follows Sunny the Sandwing. Right away, she gets kidnapped by some mischievous Nightwings. They plan to sell her to Burn, one of the Sandwing sisters. Sunny soon escapes their grasp but decides to follow them. She later steals the Obsidian Mirror, a mirror that allows you to hear and (kind of) see other dragons. Sunny follows the Nightwings to the Scorpion Den where she meets the Outclaws, a group of Sandwings all protecting Thorn, their leader. A dragon named Six-Claws acts as sort of a bodyguard to Sunny. Soon, Sunny figures out that Thorn is related to her. Soon, though, a Sandwing named Addax tells everyone that there is a lethal snake in another room. Thorn goes to kill it while Addax kidnaps Sunny. Addax brings her to Burn’s Stronghold where she is taken prisoner by Smolder, the Sandwing sisters’ brother. Queen Scarlet, the former Skywing queen is also being held there. Sunny gets time outside sometimes, though. Later, Thorn and her army of Outclaws come to rescue Sunny. Sunny gets freed and escapes the stronghold. She then decides to let every Sandwing sister know to come and figure out who will be queen in a peaceful way. The rest is in Pyrrhia’s history. This book is extraordinary in many ways. If you like drama and surprises, this book (or book series) is for you. It gives you twists and turns to keep the book interesting and fun to read. Overall, this is a five-star book.
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