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    “Sabotage” by Neal Bascomb “Sabotage” by Neal Bascomb is a Non-fiction book about a mission to destroy Hitler’s atomic bomb in the Vidda. Five Norwegian soldiers were chosen to complete this mission. A topic in this book is trial and error because the Norwegian soldiers tried several times to blow up the plant but failed a lot. A quote to represent trial and error is “It felt like a crater was opening in each of their hearts”. The author said this because a plane was supposed to drop more soldiers down into the Vidda but failed because the soldiers on the ground failed to set up the signal. I thought the book was boring because it lacked suspense and could have more plot. I rate this book a 5/10 because it did not grab my attention very well. I would not recommend this to people. This is my review on the book Sabotage and if you want to see if the soldiers destroy the bomb you will have to read yourself.
    About 1 month ago

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