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    I LOVE Halloween so do my three pets (my 3 week old Robo dwarf hamster, my 11 year old pit bull, and my 13 year old calico cat). Every year I dress up me and my dog and We walk around the block collecting candy 🍬 🍭 from our neighbors (my dog gets occasional dog treats, biscuits and some apples 🍎) so basically I LOVE Halloween and Halloween is THE BEST holiday EVER. ( my dog, cat, hamster and me says good luck to everyone in the free book giveaway!
    About 3 years ago
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    Really good book love it! I love crime and mystery books and this is just what it is! Maureen Johnson is a really great authorπŸ‘πŸ»
    About 3 years ago
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    By Maureen Johnson
    About 3 years ago

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