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    Gerta's family is now broken apart. One day, her dad, and her middle brother decides to go to the west to find a place to live, what jobs, and to find out what schools they have. And after that night, a fence goes up so there is a small chance that anyone can escape or come into the east. Will Gerta's family stay apart, or will they be reunited again? Read to find out...
    Almost 2 years ago
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    City of Ember was built for the last refugees for the human race. The sky is always dark, there is almost no light beyond the light. There are secrets everywhere, as there are always shortages almost everywhere. There are always constant power outages, as the city is 200 years old. And people are afraid that the power will go out, and never come back. Will they find a city outside of ember? Will they escape the darkness? Read the City of Ember city to find out...
    Almost 2 years ago
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