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    Kwame Alexander, the author of The Crossover - takes his readers on a journey through the life of two boys that love baskball. Also they are brothers that always are there for each other. The Crossover - won the John Newbery Medal in 2015. Kwame Alexander has always loved writing, ssnd loved writing poems. So one day he wrote a story that was all poems. “I tried to write the book to show boys — and girls — that poetry could be cool,” Kwame Alexander said. The setting of The Crossover - takes place in two different places. When the story starts, the reader is in the Bell’s family’s house. As the story goes on, the reader is transported to the school, and then back to the house. The main characters in The Crossover- The Bell family, Mr. Bell, Mrs. Bell, Josh Bell (or Filthy McNasty) and Jordan Bell. (or JB) As you read through The Crossover, you get to see some heartbreaking moments that might leave you wondering and wanted more. Also you get to go through life in the eyes of both JB, and Josh Bell. Also, one of the quotes in the books are, “If you stop playing the game, you have already lost. “ This quote shows that you should never give up and always have persistent in life. Kwame Alexander’s writing style is much like a time line throughout the story. He tells the story about the Bell family out of poems. The poems in the books are good because, one it’s easer, and two each poem takes you through a different place in the timeline. Lasty, The Crossover - made me laugh, almost cry, and learn to love the Bell family. I felt like these made the story more interesting, and wanting more. Readers will read the book in the eyes of the Bell family, and in the eyes of two boys that love basketball, and never stop having love in their hearts.
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