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    Who would have thought that if you were diagnosed with cancer and forced to go to a support group, you’d meet the love of your life? According to Hazel from The Fault in our stars, by John Green, everything is considered a side effect of dying. Cancer, Depression, and so on. Hazel is forced to go to a support group after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer that had traveled to her lungs. In the support group she meets Augustus Waters, and that's where their story begins. This book shows that even in the darkness light can still get through. The setting is in Indianapolis, Indiana, but the two end up traveling to Amsterdam together. In the end things get very intense and unfortunate. I definitely believe that people who like sad, romance novels would really enjoy this book however I would not recommend it for readers under the age of 11 or 12 just because of some language usage.
    Almost 3 years ago
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