Video Of The Week — Cheese Pizza Topped With Cotton Candy? Yum!


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Photo Credit: Schmatz Beer Dining via Facebook

In Japan, the onset of spring is synonymous with the cherry blossom, or sakura, season. To attract some of the thousands of locals and tourists that flock to parks to see the beautiful, albeit brief, two-week bloom, many restaurants offer sakura inspired specialties.

This year, the chefs at Tokyo’s Schmatz Beer Dining, created a cotton candy pizza. Available at the brewpub chain’s Kanda neighborhood location, the thin crust pie is just like any other cheese pizza, except for one thing — it is topped with a mound of pink cotton candy sprinkled with cherry blossom petals. Before taking a bite, customers are asked to drizzle the delicious-looking pie with some honey ginger sauce that melts the spun sugar and blends it into the cheese. Though there is no word on how the pizza tastes, it sure looks good.

Photo Credit: Schmatz Beer Dining via Facebook

Unfortunately, it was a short-term offering that was timed to coincide with the cherry blossom season which came to an end on April 2 in Tokyo. Hopefully, the restaurant will bring the pizza back next year, or better still, make it a permanent fixture on their menu.


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  • alecm
    alecm7 months
    i like cheese
    • boba_addiction
      boba_addictionabout 1 year
      i like cotton candy, i like pizza. But i do NOT think i will cotton candy PIZZA!!!
      • adroit_avimimus
        adroit_avimimusabout 1 year
        Oh isn't that something! I LOVE pizza and cotton candy separately, but the two opposing flavors would probably not receive my favor! Salty and cheesy deliciousness plus sweet and cloudy sugar just don't go together in my opinion! But good for anyone who likes it! 🍕🍬
        • lunae
          Luna Eover 1 year
          Cotton candy pizza? I like the sound of it but I don't think its going to taste good. I like the cotton candy part but not the cotton candy AND pizza part don't get me wrong I love pizza and cotton candy but with both of them together just to be polite I'll change gross to not good.🍕🍬
          • ponygirl11
            ponygirl11almost 2 years
            It looks gross😝😝
            • techfashion0315
              techfashion0315almost 2 years
              I'm game! I LOVE cotton candy! 🍬
              • alphadog
                alphadogalmost 2 years
                I think it would taste pretty bad
              • sanriolover101
                sanriolover101about 2 years
                I mean, sure Its cute and pink! But I think that would be nasty
                • gloriawang
                  gloriawangabout 2 years
                  WOW, Salty and sweet mixed together! I haven't had!!!!!!!
                  • gloriawang
                    gloriawangabout 2 years
                    cotton candy pizza! SO COOL!!!🍕