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The Wacky World of
Wayside School

"Watch closely," said Mrs. Jewls. "You can learn much faster using a computer instead of paper and pencil." Then she pushed the new computer out the window The children all watched it fall thirty floors and smash against the sidewalk. "See?" said Mrs. Jewls. "That's gravity! I've been trying to teach you about gravity, but the computer showed you a lot quicker!"

That's the way things happen at Wayside School. There are 29 kids in Mrs. Jewls's class and this book is about all of them. There is Todd, who got in trouble every day ... until he got a magic dog; Paul, whose life was saved by Leslie's pigtails; Ron, who dared to try the cafeteria's Mushroom Surprise and all the others who help turn a day at Wayside School into one madcap adventure after another. But, after the things that happened in Sideways Stories from Wayside School, what would you expect?

The extraordinary thirty-story school and its zany inhabitants are back in the long-awaited sequel to the classic SIDEWAYS STORIES FROM WAYSIDE SCHOOL, one of the most popular Camelot books ever. "Rib-tickling...sure-to-please..." -- Kirkus
Hardcover, 179 pages
Published on January 1, 2006 by Listening Library
ISBN-10: 0307259110
ISBN-13: 9780307259110
28 Book Reviews
  • bday_summergirl
    bday_summergirlover 1 year44 stars
    I’ve read one part of that book and it’s super funny.
    • jazmine2008
      jazmine2008over 1 year55 stars
      i love this book my teacher read it aloud in 5th grade the whole class loved the book and the class had a reading log and i read the most books.
      • babyyodafan1
        babyyodafan1almost 2 years55 stars
        It's super funny. I've read this book 2 times and another one 6 times. This series is so cool.
        • mysticaldragon
          mysticaldragonover 2 years
          i want to read this book because i love books and wayside has some pretty freaky and weird stuff going on
          • mawaddah
            mawaddahover 2 years55 stars
            I read all of wayside school books and i love them And it so funny theres Ms.Jewels. Todd. Allison. Bebe. Jason. Joy. Joe. Stephen. Myron. Louis. Sharie. Terrence. Deedee. Maurecia. Leslie. Paul. John. Eric bacon. Eric ovens. Eric fry. Mark(Benjamin). DJ. Kathy. Jenny. Ron. Rondi. Dana. Calvin.
            • maiz
              maizalmost 3 years22 stars
              Its ok. But also kind of easy to read and its about teachers who dint know anything or how to teach.
              • spykitten
                spykittenover 4 years44 stars
                SPOILER ALERT!!! Wayside School is a 30-story tall building, but there is no 19th story. Miss Zarves teaches the class on the 19th story. There is no Miss Zarves. Or is there? Allison comes to school and no one sees her. They can't hear her ether. An old lady that can see Alison comes and tells Allison to come to her classroom. The old lady's name is Miss Zarves! You will never believe the truth of that classroom! This book has a sad ending (but don't worry, there's a third book). I would recommend this book.
                • wackyover 4 years
                  • new23over 4 years
                    george washington was the FIRST president fact
                    • Kobaltover 4 years
                      This book was a blessing to have at our school! Everyone who has read it lovesd it!