Unlocked Book 8.5 (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

Book 8.5 in the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling Keeper of the Lost Cities series delivers what fans of the series have been begging for! Told in an exciting new way, the saga continues with plenty of huge reveals and shocking new twists—plus more!
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published on November 17, 2020 by Aladdin
ISBN-10: 1534463429
ISBN-13: 9781534463424
19 Book Reviews
  • dream_beyond
    dream_beyondover 1 year55 stars
    Now I understand why this is book 8.5 and not book 9. It's so that we can catch up on everything! Anyway this book was incredible!! And I really like that Shannon Messenger included recipes! So far Shannon Messenger has done a splendid job in being an author, and she has done a great job in writing KOTLC! I can't wait for book 9! Hopefully it won't take Shannon Messenger too long to write book 9, and PLEASE make book 9 longer!!!
    • pippin_5
      pippin_5over 1 year55 starsFeatured
      I DEFINITELY recommend Keepers Of The Lost Cities to person looked for a very intriguing series that’s IMPOSSIBLE to put down! I really like that Shannon added the comprehensive guide to the Lost Cities in the first half of Unlocked( Book 8.5) because we really needed all the details and loose ends to be tied up. And that map in the front cover is absolutely gorgeous! Also a LOT of game-changer stuff happens including Keefe and the cache (No Spoilers😉). Also this book picks up off of the cliffhanger in the end of book 8 (Legacy). I really like that it changes off from Keefe’s perspective and Sophie’s, cause it really gives you a deeper insight on the plot, story, feelings, message etc... I totally recommend anyone to start reading this series and Unlocked if they’ve read the other books! I would say that these books should probably be for readers ages 11-12, and maybe mature 10 year olds/6th grade and up! Like and follow me please! Bye!
      • pudgyjeon
        pudgyjeonover 1 year55 stars
        I really like all of the Keeper series, but book 8.5 is SUPER cool. I really like all the fun activities that Shannon put in there like recipes, the registry, an Iggy coloring page, etc. I also really enjoyed how the novella was from either Sophie or Keefe’s perspective. Even though this book was kind of sad, like how seeing Keefe’s misery darkens the mood, it was also a bit humorous. It won’t leave you crying because, even if Keefe isn’t the one to lighten the mood, good thing there’s his bodyguard, Ro! And like all good books, book 8.5 is addictive so, once you start reading it it’s as if your hands and eyes are glued to it!
        • 147magnateleto
          147magnateletoover 1 year55 stars
          I like unlocked because the novella is told alternating between Sophie and keefe's point of view. I recomend reading unlocked
          • roxanne3
            roxanne3over 1 year55 stars
            I loved this... I think that the recipes and quizzes are super cool, I haven't tried the recipes though. Anyone else?? The pictures were beautiful, I wish there was more of Fitz though 😏 Sophie is so beautiful and Keefe is very handsome 😉 I think that all the extras were great, but I wish there was more of the story included. The story was good, and it really made me look at things differently. I thought Fitzphie was the best thing ever, but after they *spoiler alert haha* broke up, I realized how much Sophie needed Keefe in her life. And reading from Keefe's perspective, I realized just how much he liked her... My heart broke when he asked her to leave, but I think we all know it was for the best. I wish it hadn't hurt both of them so much. And when he left that note... My heart broke again. Grady was such a good dad in that scene, I just wish we could have seen what happened afterward Sophie got it!! Shannon Messenger, hurry up!! We need book 9!! One of my favorite parts was when they opened Oralie's cache, it was so heartwarming to see her and Kenric together but once again, my heart broke. They loved each other so much!!! And imagine if they had gotten married... 🥰 Honestly I should probably stop acting like this was all real and I know these people, but I feel like I do!! Shannon Messenger did an AMAZING job I just wish she could write faster... I can't wait for book 9!!
            • TotalFanover 1 year
              It's really good. I'd recommend it to anybody!!
              • tododeku1
                tododeku1over 1 year55 stars
                this book is so gooooooooooood
                • blossomreader
                  blossomreaderover 1 year55 stars
                  Keeper of the Lost Cities Unlocked is different from the other books, but Shannon Messenger still did a great job with the content that you definitely don't want to miss. The first 3/4 of the book contains extras about the lost cities, like Sophie and her friends registry files, and the council keeps a VERY suspicious amount of information about them. Keefe also has his own detention record in the book, and Sophie has her own medical record. The book also features Keefe memories in art form. These full color illustrations are something you really want to see! There is recipes and information of everything you want to know about the lost cities, including things not mentioned before! The last part of the book is the story, which is told in Sophie and Keefe's perspectives. Sophie is desperate to unlock Oralie's cache to see if there is information about Keefe's new ability that could help them. But when Keefe figures out what he can do, he starts to become distant from his friends while he asks some elves to help him stop using his abilities. What he figures out can harm people's emotions, and even Sophie herself, which is something Keefe doesn't want to do. Sophie and her friends even have a new task, and when they finally uncover some lead into Keefe's legacy, things might start to make sense, until Keefe does something reckless that could put everyone he cares about at risk... I loved this book, and I encourage you guys to read it too! You need to read this book before book 9! Hope you love the book as much as I did!
                  • 4usa
                    4usaover 1 year44 stars
                    This is the 9th (8.5) book of the best series ever! I was kind of disappointed with this book, it had only two hundred pages while the other five hundred and fifty were extras. I enjoyed some of the extras though, including Keefe's registry file, the official art, and the recipes, but I feel like Shannon should have written more of what her readers have been waiting a year for. It was also lacking action and adventure. I am glad though that Dex was given more page time and that Fitz and Sophie are still friends. I'm looking forward to the next book, partly because unlocked's cliff hanger is killing me.
                    • blossomreader
                      blossomreaderover 1 year55 stars
                      Yes, the next book has to come out FAST! I need it so bad! Dex still needs more pages, if you ask me. He deserves a lot more, as does Biana!
                      • 4usa
                        4usaover 1 year44 stars
                        Yeah I agree but at least he was actually a part of this book.
                    • bsc
                      bscover 1 year55 stars
                      I have been waiting 6 months for this book to come out, and was really excited when I received it. I liked it a lot! Keefe is awake! They discover that he has a very interesting new ability. Sophie feels distant from him- for a reason he's not speaking, and doesn't want to be around her. And in the end...wow. Plus the book includes a guide to the lost cities and fantastic art! Recipes, files, and everything in between is included in this book. Happy reading!