Twist My Charm: The Popularity Spell

Book 1 of 2 in the Twist My Charm Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 8V4.760834
Magic and a little twist of mayhem will charm fans of Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, and Wendy Mass in this fresh, contemporary debut!

When a package arrives in the mail for Cleo Nelson, she can’t wait to open it. The birthday present is seven months late, but it’s from Uncle Arnie and that can only mean one thing: magic! Inside is a voodoo doll complete with instructions for making happy, wonderful things happen to Cleo and her friends—err, friend. Just one, really. But maybe the doll can change that. . . .
Cleo can’t wait to try out the magic with her friend, Samantha. They start small by wishing for treats (surprise pizza!), but then their spells start to grow. And when they wish for popularity, they accidentally get the popular girl in school in major trouble with the principal. Can happy spells be twisted into bad magic?
Hardcover, 272 pages
Published on September 22, 2015 by Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 0553511157
ISBN-13: 9780553511154
4 Book Reviews
  • tori3ghoul
    tori3ghoulabout 5 years33 stars
    Cleo is a creative girl who wants to be an animator when she grows up. When Cleo receives a Voo-Doo doll, she uses it to get back at the school bully and make her dad's crush, Terri go away. But things get a little more dangerous than Cleo intended...
    • tover 5 years
      • #PANDA Queenalmost 6 years
        I loved this book! One of my favorites! I am in the fourth grade and found this at a local library. You should totally read it luv it!
        • cattyluver
          cattyluverabout 7 years55 stars
          I read this book it is pretty nice. It is very sad and made me want to cry. It brought out my emotions. Here is my summary of this story. Cleo is a regular girl who has moved from Ohio to California, has a new school, and it was just her birthday. Cleo's mother died when she was born. Madison, the bully in this story, is making fun of Cleo and her new friend Samantha ( Sam for short ). Sam is smart and ALWAYS has a comeback for Madison. One day Cleo comes home and there is a package waiting for her. She opens it and finds a voodoo doll and some instructions. In the very bottom there is a birthday card from her uncle, Arnie. It is called the Positive Happy Voodoo Doll. Cleo and Sam do a voodoo trick, and it works! Then they do a trick on Madison. It ends with Madison running out the door ( farting ) and everyone laughing with and NOT at Sam and Cleo. The next trick Madison ends up cursing during their science projects. I forgot to mention that Cleo's dad has a girlfriend, that Cleo despises, and Sam's mom is single. Sam wants to do a trick so that Cleo's dad breaks up with his girlfriend and gets closer to Sam's mom. This ends with the girlfriend getting in a car accident and me wanting to cry. They make many visits and Cleo tells Sam that she wants to stop tricking her dad's girlfriend. Sam gets angry and yells in the cafeteria. Madison is not a bully any more. Cleo becomes friends with Madison and tells her the WHOLE story. Madison is more curious than angry. Sam has the voodoo doll and they need to get it back. They make a story about having to go to Sam's house and trap Sam. They run to a graveyard that Sam visits many times and look for the doll. They find it, but Sam has gotten out of the trap! She is angry and chases after them. Sam leaves them alone after special circumstances and they destroy the doll. That way it can do no more evil. I look forward to reading the next book. Until then my friends. Farewell.