Meet the Bigfeet (The Yeti Files #1)

Book 1 of 2 in the The Yeti Files Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades K - 3Grades 1 - 3n/a2.92205
A hilarious new chapter book series from the bestselling author/illustrator of I'M THE BIGGEST THING IN THE OCEAN.

Blizz Richards is a great guy, a caring boss, and a loyal friend. Oh, yeah...he's also a yeti! He's made it his life's mission to study cryptids like him, hidden animals who have taken a powerful oath to never be seen by the outside world.

So when a photo of Cousin Brian becomes a media sensation, Brian can't handle the guilt and disappears. But it's time for the annual Bigfoot family reunion, and it won't be the same without him. Luckily, Blizz and his devoted team are on the case. Can they find their furry friend before their secret gets out for good?

In Kevin Sherry's hilarious new illustrated series, you'll meet a wide array of weird and wacky cryptids, from goblins and Goatman to skunk apes and Sasquatch--animals that you don't believe exist. And it's up to Blizz to keep it that way!
Hardcover, 128 pages
Published on September 30, 2014 by Scholastic Press
ISBN-10: 0545556171
ISBN-13: 9780545556170
75 Book Reviews
  • mayhem
    mayhemalmost 6 years44 stars
    this book is funny. i recommend it to anybody in the W O R L D ! ! ! if you haven't read it. Read it.
    • readwriter
      readwriteralmost 6 years55 stars
      This book was very funny! I love Kevin Sherry's writing and pictures. They may not be relatable or realistic, but they're still easy to read and the pictures help you imagine what's going on.
      • sr05885
        sr05885almost 6 years44 stars
        This book was really good.It was about Blizz Richards who is a yeti so when his cousin Brian gets on social media.Brian disappears because he felt guilty.
        • coreycole
          coreycolealmost 6 years22 stars
          i thiught this was like the star wars books. it kind of is but not really. it would be really neat if yetis were reall and they actually solved mysterys and could walk around like police and stuff
          • frahay123
            frahay123almost 6 years44 stars
            This a really good book because the it is about mythical creatures. This book is very easy to read and very small. The main character in this book is Yeti.
            • strawberry1234
              strawberry1234almost 6 years55 stars
              This book is really funny i enjoyed it alot when i saw the word bigfeet i just pick it up. Read this book it is awesome !!!!!
              • cerulian
                cerulianabout 6 years
                I'm reading this book right now and it's really cute because you get to meet all of the bigfoots. These are pretty cool creatures. I'm borrowing the book so I may want to try and buy it. This is such a fun story.
                • readspeedster
                  readspeedsterabout 6 years44 stars
                  This book is about a yeti that help bigfoot stop a evil photo person that wants to find more of yeti's friends at a get tougher at a tree house. Will they stop this plot before it is done? find out in this book!
                  • coloringbu
                    coloringbuabout 6 years11 star
                    This book is not for everyone. I didn't like. I only read it because my brother did. He didn't like it either. We like different books so I gabe it a try.
                    • zombiedude
                      zombiedudeabout 6 years55 stars
                      This book was awesome and hilarious,it had a bunch of funny parts and jokes. You should totally buy this book over the summer to read.