The Tribers: Book Of Dreams: Tribers (Volume 1)

Sy Middleton, a teenager living in Manhattan, enters a secret world when he is initiated into Earth-tribe and becomes a Triber. In the Middle Realm, Tribers from Earth-, Fire-, Air- and Water-tribe train to enhance their powers and compete in monthly Lunar Festivals. The Zodiac Council has protected the Lower and Middle Realms from the Darkforce for thousands of years, but the balance of power has shifted, placing humanity at risk. The Darkforce has stolen the Book of Dreams. Sy and his friend Joshua Ryderson embark on a quest to find it…
Paperback, 228 pages
Published on May 23, 2013 by Tribers Pty Limited
ISBN-10: 0987516434
ISBN-13: 9780987516435
18 Book Reviews
  • anonmoosabout 5 years
    great book please make into a movie
    • flinks
      flinksover 5 years
      An amazing intricately written book which captures your attention from the start. Really enjoyable and highly recommended!
      • terrytoenail
        terrytoenailover 5 years55 stars
        This book was really great. I really liked the authors style of writing and hope more books are on the way. I felt really connected to all of the characters, especially Ryder. You should read this book.
        • mgeeathy
          mgeeathyover 5 years55 stars
          This book was extremely well written! I loved it and I hope it gets made into a movie. I also cant wait until the next book comes and i'm so excited to see what happens next.
          • juicyjay
            juicyjayover 5 years55 stars
            You have to read this book. The story is so creative and I loved the writers imagination. This would be a sensational movie, highly recommended
            • mellyb
              mellybover 5 years55 stars
              I couldnt stop reading this book and finished it in a day. Cant wait to find out what happens next. It would also make an awesome movie, the detailed descriptions just let your imagination fly, so would love to see it portrayed in film. Highly recommended!!
              • mellyb
                mellybover 5 years55 stars
                This book was a great read. Sy is just a regular kid and he gets to join the earth tribe and have amazing adventures as well as super cool powers. I love how being a triber means Sy is smarter at school and gets more popular. I would love to be a triber. My favourite part was when Sy got the 4 winds power from the Australian Aboriginals. I really rate this book!!!
                • N Leeover 5 years
                  I loved this book. It was fun to read and learn about the secret world of the tribers. My favourite character was xanthia, she is really cool and smart. I really liked when Sy and Ryder chased the dream demon. Read this book! You'll love it like I did.
                  • jdavi
                    jdaviover 5 years55 stars
                    I loved the book. I was very addicted to it. I read it in about a week. My favourite characters were Ryder and Sy. It was one of my favourite books. If there is a movie I want to be in it. I loved the lunar festivals and the exploding scorpions. It was great and if there is another book I will 100 percent read it.
                    • daniellehikri
                      daniellehikriover 5 years55 stars
                      What an amazing and adventurous book that is a must read for everyone and their kids. It was one of those books I could not put down in anticipation of what comes next! I hope there are more in the series, I loved it and so did our kids!