The Terrible Two Get Worse

Book 3 of 4 in the The Terrible Two Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grades 2 - 5n/a4.527566
New York Times Bestseller

On their own, pranksters Miles and Niles were pretty devious. Now that they’ve formed a pranking duo, they’re terrible! But their powers will be tested when their favorite nemesis, Principal Barkin, is replaced by his stern and cunning father, Former Principal Barkin. Now Miles and Niles will do just about anything to get their old antagonist back—including pranking alongside him.

Authors and friends Mac Barnett and Jory John “are in perfect comic harmony” (Publishers Weekly) in this series that celebrates inventiveness, friendship, and the power of teamwork—for good, or for terrible.

Hardcover, 224 pages
Published on January 12, 2016 by Harry N. Abrams
ISBN-10: 1419716808
ISBN-13: 9781419716805
36 Book Reviews
  • zarkinpants
    zarkinpantsabout 1 year55 stars
    Yawnee Valley is a boring place. Cows are everywhere, and there's nothing to do. So it's no surprise that Yawnee Vallee Science and letters academy is also dull. Luckily, Niles and Miles liven it up with pranks. Miles and Niles love pranking. They do one almost every day. And one of their favorite pranking targets is Principal Barkin, the school principal. He's mean, he shouts a lot, and he's bossy. But at least Principal Barkin allowed some fun. When Niles and Miles pull a big prank on picture day, the board fires Principal Barkin and replaces him with Old Principal Barkin. Old Principal Barkin allows absolutely no fun in the school. Can kids have Pajama day? NO! Can they do fun activities?? NO!! Can people prank??? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And even if there's clearly a prank, Old Principal Barkin ignores it. How can the Terrible Two ever defeat Old Principal Barkin???? I would recommend this if you're looking for an easy and funny book.
    • Legocoolkid about 2 years
      Awesome would read this again
      • yeeting
        yeetingabout 4 years55 stars
        I think this book is funny and I really enjoyed it so I recommend that other people should read it.
        • sweetcakesalmost 6 years
          OMG ! OMG ! i can't wait to read this
          • bookwyrmalmost 7 years
            This book is hilarious, I love the illustrations and the ridiculous amount of thought put into the pranks. The first book was great, and I was not disappointed by this sequel
            • sushi321
              sushi321almost 7 years33 stars
              I got this through a giveaway
              • sushi321
                sushi321almost 7 years33 stars
                This book was great !
                • bubbles04
                  bubbles04almost 7 years
                  I want to read this book because the first one is really good! You should read it because if intrested in pranking and cows. Ha Ha!
                  • bibliophile
                    bibliophilealmost 7 yearsFeatured
                    After Miles and Niles getting together to finalize their perfect prank... it started... one by one... pranking the principal..... And after the last straw... they did it... they spelled out a message with flowers which led on to firing Principal Barkin by his older father... (the not so nice principal... he honestly is the terrible one XD) SO Bertrand Barkin has absolutely no weaknesses... you know "what kills you makes you stronger" is honestly so true... because every time the pranksters keep on pranking the school it always backfires and becomes stronger... After a couple more weeks later everybody turned into his minions.. no joke... seriously... no pranks or jokes were allowed... After this... Miles and Niles came up with this terrible (but so-brilliant plan) which included.... DUN DUN DUNN... the former Principal Barkin... honestly that caught me off guard... but the story perfectly weaved together... I absolutely loved this book... it was hilarious yet with that perfect touch of seriousness.. If you are an aspiring prankster... I urge you to read this book... in fact I'll tell you the Prankster Oath... which states, " On my honor I will do my best. To be good at being bad. To disrupt, but not destroy; To embarrass the dour and amuse the merry... For I am a prankster. So be it..." It's a pretty good oath... Shhh don't tel anyone but I recited it as well... So if you want a laugh read this amusing book... because it brought a smile to my face... and one more word of advice... a clothespin ALWAYS work way better than a gas mask... And prepare to laugh... And for those who did not read the first book.. I'll post my review for the first book.. to give a "little insight..." This book brought my level of happiness maxed out!!!! This book was hilarious all the way to the end, I don't remember a time not smiling... it was that funny...this book had cool facts about cows I did not know about like did you know that cows produce more milk with classical milk! Yeah, we don't really need to know about it, but it's a random fact that I considered to remember as I am currently typing...I really liked how the author weaved in comics, cows, and pranks in the story... WAIT the pranks are awesome... if you read this book, this is one reason why to be a prankster...Also the pictures were good sketches that helped make the story funnier and you could really notice the tiny details in this story by the cute sketches... So it starts with Miles Murphy who is very gloomy because he is moving and is on his way to Yawnee Valley... Miles had this huge rep in his old school being the grand master of pranking... but now since Miles is moving he needs to step up his game because there is a very good prankster at his school... Surprises, twists and turns... the prankster turns out to be...(Guess who??? Well read and find out) well they had a prank war, and finally compromised to make the best prank ever in history... and guess which day...(Well I hoped you guessed it right)and you guessed it right April Fools Day!!!! With twists and turns, a crazy principal, funky cows, smart friends, the "best" frenemy this book had exceeded it's title to be the one of the most funniest book ever :-)!! Will the huge prank work??? Will Miles and (Niles) able to work it out together??? Will they ever meet Cody Burr-Tyler (I'm joking with that, but still you would know if you read it... so READ it)??? Fans of Diary of the Wimpy Kid series, The Brilliant World of Tom Gates, and funny and adventurous books, this book, The Terrible Two, will be a perfect and hilarious read!!
                    • pandacutie
                      pandacutiealmost 7 years
                      I love this book! I read the first one and it is awesome. I love pranking my siblings.😉👍