The Scruffy Puppy (Pet Rescue Adventures)

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Grades 1 - 5n/an/an/an/a
Bella has always dreamed of getting her very own dog, and her wish finally comes true when she and her family visit the rescue shelter to choose a pet. One of the puppies, Jack, has wild, frizzy ears and a huge, fluffy tail, and he has always dreamed of the perfect home. Both are thrilled when Bella chooses Jack. The puppy loves living with Bella, and she adores playing with him. But then Bella's friends start saying mean things about Jack. Can Bella prove to everyone that there's more to her scruffy puppy than meets the eye?
Paperback, 126 pages
Published on September 1, 2016 by Tiger Tales
ISBN-10: 1589254902
ISBN-13: 9781589254909
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  • rinos
    rinosalmost 7 years
    This story about one girl and one puppy. The one girl Bella want have a puppy, her parents think about it and her family went to pet shop. They are many kind of animal and many kind of puppy. Bella watching around the doggies. She find one of the puppy. That puppy looks like alone. Bella choose that puppy. Bella put name Tom for puppy. Tom is boy. Bella get new doggie friends. One of the day, Bella went to the park from near to her house. In the park, she meet with her class mate.The class mate's name is Judy. but she never talk with her, because Judy is really rich, so she only be a friend rich girls. Judy coming to that park with her puppy. Bella couldn't talk to her, but Judy talk to her. Judy want to fight with Bella's dog and Judy's dog. She really like win, so she really like fight. but Bella won to the game. Then Bella friend with Judy and Judy's dog. And they play every after school in the park with doggies.