The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles, Book 1)

Book 1 of 3 in the The Kane Chronicles Series
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Grades 4 - 8Grades 2 - 5n/a4.5124305

Since his mother’s death six years ago, Carter Kane has been living out of a suitcase, traveling the globe with his father, the brilliant Egyptologist Dr. Julius Kane. But while Carter’s been homeschooled, his younger sister, Sadie, has been living with their grandparents in London. Sadie has just what Carter wants — school friends and a chance at a “normal” life. But Carter has just what Sadie longs for—time with their father. After six years of living apart, the siblings have almost nothing in common. Until now.

On Christmas Eve, Sadie and Carter are reunited when their father brings them to the British Museum, with a promise that he’s going to “make things right.” But all does not go according to plan: Carter and Sadie watch as Julius summons a mysterious figure, who quickly banishes their father and causes a fiery explosion.

Soon Carter and Sadie discover that the gods of Ancient Egypt are waking, and the worst of them—Set—has a frightening scheme. To save their father, they must embark on a dangerous journey—a quest that brings them ever closer to the truth about their family and its links to the House of Life, a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs.

ISBN-10: 1410425363
ISBN-13: 9780141384948
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  • guyking559
    guyking5594 months44 stars
    the book has many twists along the way good for fans of the Percy Jackson series.
    • alexisroland01
      alexisroland014 months55 stars
      i loved it goes along with egypt mythology and i love greek mythology and egypt mythology and a lot of of other things mixed in with it is a great book all around.
      • zarkinpants
        zarkinpants4 months55 starsFeatured
        What would you feel like if one day, you were told that you could travel the world with your father, but could only see your sister twice a year? One day, Carter and his sister Sadie are informed that their mother has died in a strange accident. After that, Carter and Sadie's grandparents fight their dad Julius Kane, a famous Egyptologist, in court. The court decides that the grandparents are to keep Sadie, and that Carter will live with his dad. For years, Carter has traveled with his dad, while Sadie has stayed in London. On the day when Carter, Sadie, and their father meet each other, they go to the Egyptian Museum in London. There, Julius Kane summons a mysterious figure from the Rosetta Stone. The person then seals their father into a golden coffin. Soon, Sadie and Carter learn that the mysterious man is a god from ancient Egypt, Set, and that he plans on conquering the entire world. They also learn that they are Egyptian magicians with special powers.To stop him, they will have to work together with other gods and with each other. This book had lots of action, and it was very funny. I recommend this to people who like novels about mythology.
        • harrythewizard
          I will read this book because I love the other Rick Riordan books. The books were all based on mythology and this book is based on Egyptian Mythology. I can't wait to read!
          • stark3000
            stark3000over 1 year55 stars
            This book is all about Sadie and Carter Kane who are on a quest to stop Set. Set is the evil Egyptian god of chaos whom their father Dr. Carter Kane accidentally released while summoning Osiris the god of the dead. I think this book is extremely good and I am glad my older brother introduced me to this series.
            • nac
              nacover 1 year55 stars
              Ever since their mom's death, Sadie and Carter Kane have lived separate lives. Sadie is a cool middle schooler who dyes her hair and lives with her grandparents. Carter is the nerdy kid in a suit who travel the world with his archeologist father. They hardly ever see each other, and have nothing in common. But when a mysterious incident occurs and their father goes missing, Carter and Sadie Kane are thrust into a strange world where magic is real, and the egyptian gods and goddesses are real. Now Carter and Sadie must master their newfound abilities and set off on a wild quest to save their father and stop the end of the world. And along the way, Sadie and Carter may realize that their not so different after all. It's like the egyptian version of Percy Jackson, and any fans of Percy would really enjoy this book. I'd say its an action adventure themed book and probably for ages 10-18, depending on your interests. If you begin this book, you won't be able to put it down (trust me, I know from experience).
              • book addict over 1 year
                I just started reading this book and it is so good. I'm not one to like reading but i enjoy reading this.
                • musicbooklover
                  musicbookloverover 1 year55 stars
                  I love Rick Riordan's books. Previously I had read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the series Heroes of Olympus. I decided to try this one too. And I loved it! This is by far the best book series Rick riordan has ever written. I love how the plot entangles and how Sadie and Carter's differences and the arguments, love drama kept my eyes glued to the book. It's exactly how a perfect book should be. 1 cup of drama, 2 cups of mythology, few sprinkles of romance, one tablespoon of confusion and a whole lot of guessing and mystery! I highly recommend it. Though do try to read Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the series heroes of Olympus first.
                  • bsc
                    bscover 1 year44 stars
                    This book was pretty good! Carter and Sadie Kane have lived apart for 6 years ever since their mother's death. Carter travels the world with his father, whereas Sadie lives with their grandparents in England and has a normal life. But both siblings wish their life was a little different. Carter wishes he could have a normal life like Sadie and Sadie wishes she had more time with her dad like Carter has. But on their day that they get to see each other, something goes terribly wrong. Their dad brings them to the Egyption Musume saying that he'll "make things right." But instead of setting things right, their dad gets captured by a bad god that he summoned! Now Carter and Sadie have to rescue their father with the help of a long lost uncle, some unlikely friends, and a baboon. Plus, this may not just be about saving their father- it also means they have to save the world. Rick Riordan twists egyptian gods and hydraulics, fantasy, and adventure into this splendid book. Happy reading!
                    • magicalmythical
                      magicalmythicalalmost 2 years55 stars
                      I like this book so much, I like the way Mr. Riordan has it's ways of telling the story, making it alive