If your house were on fire, what one thing would you save? Newbery Medalist Linda Sue Park explores different answers to this provocative question in linked poems that capture the diverse voices of a middle school class. Illustrated with black-and-white art.

When a teacher asks her class what one thing they would save in an emergency, some students know the answer right away. Others come to their decisions more slowly. And some change their minds when they hear their classmates’ responses. A lively dialog ignites as the students discover unexpected facets of one another—and themselves. With her ear for authentic dialog and knowledge of tweens’ priorities and emotions, Linda Sue Park brings the varied voices of an inclusive classroom to life through carefully honed, engaging, and instantly accessible verse.

Hardcover, 72 pages
Published on March 16, 2021 by Clarion Books
ISBN-10: 1328515133
ISBN-13: 9781328515131
20 Book Reviews
  • rosarioe
    rosarioeover 1 year55 stars
    I love this book because it shows a different perspective each page and the students tell there teacher what they would save and each person saved a different item. I rate this book a 100/100
    • huynht
      huynhtover 1 year55 stars
      The One Thing You'd Save is a good book because it talking about thing that you'd save and the thing I will save is a phone cause is important to call the for help. This book is amazing and awesome to read.
      • bruzose
        bruzoseover 1 year44 stars
        This book is told by so many peoples perspective, one who has lived though a fire and saved nothing just tried to get out as quick as she could. Most of the people had something really important to them, maybe some wanted to save their xbox or something like that. This book shows everyone's perspective to what THEY would save, not their friend or their mom what THEY would save. This book was good for the most part, but some times it's sorta hard to tell whos perspective it is. But I do recommend The One Thing You'd Save.
        • vargasj
          vargasjover 1 year44 stars
          I that this book does a great job of interpreting what kids would save in a fire. I actually relate to most of the kids in the book but I also agree with the girl who said she would save herself. Overall I think the book is really great and I think you should read it yourself.
          • d1no
            d1noover 1 year55 stars
            This book is a about different perspectives of other people saying what would they save in a fire. and this one kid said he would save his skin and I would want yall to save your skin to ok.
            • weaverf
              weaverfover 1 year
              This book is told by many different people and what they would save. What I would save my phone because I would still be able to text my family and friends. Also really like this book because it has many different opinions. I would really like for you to read it Thank You!!!
              • audrey_1234
                audrey_1234over 1 year55 stars
                I love this book because every page is a different kid saying what they would save in a fire or a tornado and every page is full of information of what that person would save!
                • ramirezj1
                  ramirezj1over 1 year44 stars
                  this book is really hard to think of i dont know what il save in a fire i have to much items that i love to play with it I might save my money for i can buy food when i get hungry
                  • d1no
                    d1noover 1 year55 stars
                    this book help me think how if was in a fire what would I save and help me learn a lesson to always save your skin
                    • vlxnesnxg
                      vlxnesnxgover 1 year55 stars
                      This book is told by many different perspectives about what they would save in a fire in they could have one thing. Many students have different opion's about the the project