The Land of Stories: The Ultimate Book Hugger's Guide

A behind-the-scenes, comprehensive look at the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

A combination travel guide, encyclopedia, and exciting fan compendium, this ultimate guidebook includes sections such as "Who's Who," "Places to Go," and "Trinkets, Treasures, and Other Things" that explore the backgrounds and histories of the many characters, places, and magic items throughout the beloved Land of Stories series.

This book also includes bonus chapters, insider information about the series, and more, including sketches from the author, "Secrets from the Land of Stories," and "Chris's Top Ten Tips for Writers."

Perfect for new and mega-fans alike, this full-color guidebook illustrated by series artist Brandon Dorman captures the magical ins and outs of the Land of Stories we know and love and delivers new, never-before-seen art and information sure to thrill and satisfy readers.
Hardcover, 288 pages
Published on October 16, 2018 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 0316523305
ISBN-13: 9780316523301
8 Book Reviews
  • docterstrange
    docterstrangeover 1 year55 stars
    This helped me understand the characters and events of the story, and had fun stories in it.
    • bsc
      bscover 1 year55 stars
      Are you a Land of Stories fan? Then this book is perfect for you! This guidebook for The Land of Stories fills you in on all of the characters, secrets, places, and everything in between. Let's not forget that the book also contains fan artwork, extra chapters, and tips to get you writing. Please note that there are many spoilers, so this book would best be read after you finish the series, Happy reading!
      • jaden07
        jaden07about 2 years55 stars
        This book is not great to read before the series because it contains lots of spoilers. But I think this is a great book which helped me with the visuals of the characters The illustrations are really colorful. I used this when I was writing my Land of Stories " fan fiction.". This book contains knowledge on the charterers, places , and so much more ! This book even has bonus chapters and artwork.!
        • Amy11yrsover 2 years
          Love this book, I read this after I finished the land of stories. It teels you a lot more about the places and characters. I just LOVE it.
          • reader2009
            reader2009almost 3 years
            I decided to read this book after finishing the Land of Stories series and this book turned out to be really funny! Now this is one of my favorite books and I enjoy rereading it.This book is so amazing that I decided to read it to my younger sisters tonight!
            • jaden07
              jaden07about 3 years55 stars
              Super cool guide. You get to know the characters and places more! I like the bonus chapters and about how Chris and some of the characters are related and who be based them on in reality. Love the drawings! Great book for lovers of the Land of Stories!
              • bunnygirlover 3 years
                this book was pretty good, it gave a lot of info on the series, but it was only four stars because there wasn't really anything new about the series in the book overall I would reccomend
                • OMG YES!over 3 years
                  AAAAAAAAAAAAA YES I NEED TO FIND THIS!!!!!!!!