The Hidden Staircase (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #2)

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 6n/a5.536118
After receiving a call from her friend Helen Corning, Nancy agrees to help solve a baffling mystery. Helen's Aunt Rosemary has been living with her mother at the old family mansion, and they have noticed many strange things. They have heard music, thumps, and creaking noises at night, and seen eerie shadows on the walls. Could the house be haunted?

Just as soon as she hangs up the phone, a strange man visits Nancy's house to warn her and her father that they are in danger because of a case he is working on buying property for a railroad company. This warning leads Nancy and her father Carson to search for the missing Willie Wharton, a landowner, who can prove he signed away his land to the railroad and save the railroad from a lawsuit. Will Nancy be able to find the missing landowner and discover how these mysteries are related?
Hardcover, 192 pages
ISBN-10: 0448095025
ISBN-13: 9780448095028
34 Book Reviews
  • geeths_09
    geeths_09almost 2 years55 stars
    i saw and read the movie both it was amazing and plzzzz follow me
    • lunalovegood8
      lunalovegood8over 2 years55 stars
      This was a very good mystery! The characters were great, and the book flowed well. There were many spooky moments and I loved how more people became suspects. This book is great for mystery lovers!
      • pitbull2
        pitbull2over 2 years
        I read this book because my grandmother used to read it when she was a kid so I thout it would be fun reading a book from when nobody had Ipones, computers, and ect.
        • moanica
          moanicaover 2 years55 stars
          So far so good. I like it's intensity though. real good.
          • nac
            nacover 3 years55 stars
            When Nancy gets a call from her close Friend Helen Corning about a haunted house, she springs into action. But while investigating a missing man, Nancy's father goes missing himself. Are the two cases connected, and will Nancy be able to solve both mysteries and find her father? READ TO FIND OUT!
            • sgoiscool
              sgoiscoolover 3 years55 stars
              Nancy Drew 2 is awesome! all the nancy drew stories are classic with always a good ending. i love how the 'ghost' scares the poor old ladies living in an old house .
              • puppyqueen123
                puppyqueen123over 3 years55 stars
                I love it because it was fun and also there is a movie to it. I watched the movie of it it was just like the book. loved it
                • iluvsloths2009
                  iluvsloths2009about 4 years55 stars
                  I read this book because I needed it for a book project as a mystery book. It was recommended by my teacher and even though it is a big book it is a very interesting book. I would suggest it for people who LOVE mysteries and solving crimes. So that's why I suggest it. :)
                  • surfingreindeer
                    surfingreindeerover 4 years55 stars
                    I enjoyed this book because it had the right amount of cliffhangers and twists throughout the book.
                    • goals
                      goalsabout 7 years
                      Am I the only one who totally thinks that Nancy and Ned make the most perfect and adorable couple of all time and forever?