Was that a g-g-ghost? No way! Alex didn’t believe in such things! But when a ghost scares Alex half to death on the beach at Treasure Island, San Luis Pass, in Texas, he begins to change his mind. Why does the ghost keep wailing ‘Malhado’? Why does he carry that revolting cow skull? And why does he whisper about buried treasure? Only Juliann believes Alex’s ghostly tale of a Spanish Conquistador. As Alex and his friend discover the exciting history of Treasure Island, they learn that there just might be treasure to be found. Exciting historical fiction for ages 9-12
Hardcover, 207 pages
Published on September 15, 2011 by Top Publications
ISBN-10: 1929976836
ISBN-13: 9781929976836
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  • ilovedallas
    ilovedallasalmost 6 years
    The author came and visited our school. She said she has written eleven books and is working on one now. She also said that she is a terrible speller but her editor helps her and she is happy that someone can improve her books and give her the credit that she deserves.