The Finisher (Vega Jane, Book 1)

Book 1 of 3 in the Vega Jane Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 6 - 8Grades 3 - 9n/a5.2129312

Vega Jane was always told no one could leave the town of Wormwood. She was told there was nothing outside but a forest filled with danger and death. And she always believed it -- until the night she saw Quentin Herms run away.

Vega knows Quentin didn't just leave -- he was chased. And he left behind a trail of clues that point to a dark conspiracy at the heart of Wormwood. To follow the clues will attract the attention of influential people willing to kill to keep their secrets. If Vega wants to stay safe, she just needs to keep her head down and her mouth shut. There's only one problem -- Vega Jane never walks away from a fight.

Master storyteller David Baldacci introduces an unforgettable heroine who must think fast, hit hard, and defy all odds to uncover the truth.

Hardcover, 512 pages
Published on March 4, 2014 by Scholastic Press
ISBN-10: 0545652200
ISBN-13: 9780545652209
60 Book Reviews
  • applemango
    applemangoover 2 years55 stars
    Vega Jane begins to realize that the town of Wormwood is holding many secrets, many, many secrets. One night Vega jolts awake to the sound of screaming and canines. Quickly getting out of her tree she runs after the sound... before she realizes she is near the Quag, a place where no Wug should be. Holding in her breath she watched and sees a person very familiar, very familiar disappearing into the murk. Her friend Quentin. When she notices a shadow looming above her, the counciler Krone glares at her asking why she is here so close to the Quag. Vega knows there will be more word about this event later but she still manages to answer. After, a series of events occur some events against her and others in her favor. She gets charged with treason her own brother favoring power against her! Eventually her punishment is to participate in the duelem. If she wins she earns her freedom and if she loses she will get sent to the worst prison Valhar. She eventually wins despite the counciler Morrigone wishes. She ventures out to the quag with her friend and crush Delph. What will be beyond the Quag? We will find out in the next story!
    • Susantabout 4 years
      Ok look the series is pretty good, but I hated the first book of the series come on there was zero action or any mystery. The second book however I finished in one day and the third two days. I didn't even need to read the Finisher
      • esquay
        esquayabout 4 years55 stars
        An incredible book filled with magic and wonder. the main character is a rough teen girl. I recommend it for grades 6 to 9.
        • eyp
          eypover 5 years
          The book was a bit creepy but I overall enjoyed it.
          • shinningboy234
            shinningboy234almost 6 years
            Vega Jane. The way I think about this book. Vega Jane sees her friend Quinton running into the Quag, the mysterious forest surrounding Wormwood.
            • strawberry1234
              strawberry1234about 6 years44 stars
              I really like this book. It was cool when i saw the title the finisher i picked it up and start reading. i enjoyed it a lot. Every day i say the finisher
              • wingfeather
                wingfeatherabout 6 years44 stars
                when i first picked up this book i noticed the writing was amazing. i was instantly intrigued. it took me a little while to get used to the word choice, but was sooooo worth it. loved it!
                • zorba
                  zorbaabout 6 years33 stars
                  I LOVED this book! It takes place in Wormwood and the main character is a girl named Vega Jane. Wormwood is in the middle of a forest and protected by a huge wall. Nobody is allowed in the forest and nobody knows what is out there. Until Vega Jane finds a map... This is an excellent book with adventure.
                  • anagkan
                    anagkanabout 6 years55 stars
                    During the course of this book, Vega Jane works at Stacks as a finisher, finishing objects. Her friend Quentin Herms runs away into the Quag, thick forest that surrounds Wormwood. The whole town is surprised by this. Quentin left Vega Jane a map of the Quag and a book about the Quag, if she too was going to run away. Vega then learns to fly and also gains a spear called the Elemental. In can destroy anything in its path. The Council finds out about the book and the map, and she is sent to Valhall, the jail. Her sentence was to win the Duelem, or she would have to stay in Valhall for life. She wins the Duelem. She then gains the money which she gives to her friend Delph, then one who was her best friend, who also trained her to fight in the duelem. Finally, Delph and Vega run away into the Quag, but only after they fight some council members. I can't wait to read The Keeper, the next book in the series.
                    • coreycole
                      coreycoleabout 6 years22 stars
                      i like the puzzels in this book but it was like reading a show my dad watches. it would have been better if t was a boy and boys are stronger and could have fought their way out and not had to wait. i think i might try more books in this series