THE FAULT IN OUR STARS - A Parody: A Discovered Letter from Augustus to Hazel Grace

From parody author A. Spoofer, comes ‘THE FAULT IN OUR STARS – A Parody’ (A Discovered Letter from Augustus to Hazel Grace)!

Hazel has tracked down the missing pages that Augustus wrote. But now a letter has been discovered and it’s addressed to Hazel Grace.

“A Discovered Letter From Augustus Waters To Hazel Grace” is a parody based on what happens in “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green.

Find out what Augustus has to say about his love for Hazel Grace and for metaphors, his thoughts on bravery when playing video games, his tactless sense of humor and his way with words, Cancer Perks, Encouragements and much more.

Here’s a peek at what he has to say:

Hey Hazel Grace,

So if you’re reading this, then I must have kicked the bucket, turned in my cards, lost the race, whatever. Yeah, as they say in polite company – passed away. Kind of ironic really, when you think that the odds were 80% in my favor. It’s probably a good thing that I wasn’t old enough to bet money on anything with the way my luck went. The one thing I would have bet on all day every day though, was us. And that’s a bet I would have won.

I wish it could have turned out differently Hazel Grace, but as we both know “the world is not a wish-granting factory.”

I’m sure heaven is a great place from what everyone has told me. (But then how would they really know, right?) But since I’m going to be there when you get this letter, I’m going to assume they’re right and go with that. (And please don’t remind me what they say about assume.)

One thing I do know for sure is that it definitely sucks to be here in heaven without you. Not that I hope you die soon or anything, that’s definitely not what I mean. But ……

(Augustus had a lot to say, as you’ll see when you hit the Buy button.)
Kindle Edition, 13 pages
Published on May 31, 2014
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