Teddy Mars Book #1: Almost a World Record Breaker

Book 1 of 3 in the Teddy Mars Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grade 4n/a4.032634

Sid Fleischman Humor Award Winner!

Fans of Jeff Kinney's humor and Sharon Creech's heartfelt stories will love this hilarious new series about a ten-year-old boy from a big family who dreams of making it into The Guinness Book of World Records.

Teddy Mars is determined to stand out in a world full of wonders and a house bursting with siblings. With the help of his best friends, Teddy tries to build the biggest snow mound, stuff the most grapes in his mouth, and lift a chair with his teeth. He'll do anything to succeed—even if it means sleeping in a tent and cleaning up pigeon poop for Grumpy Pigeon Man. Too bad his pesky little brother, also known as The Destructor, always wrecks Teddy's record-breaking plans!

Told in short, accessible sections, with memorable lists and winning illustrations, Molly B. Burnham's Teddy Mars #1: Almost a World Record Breaker is perfect for reading aloud. Teddy's never-give-up attitude will have readers laughing out loud and clamoring to break records of their own!

Hardcover, 224 pages
Published on March 24, 2015 by Katherine Tegen Books
ISBN-10: 006227810X
ISBN-13: 9780062278104
17 Book Reviews
  • mirsoftball8
    mirsoftball8about 5 years55 stars
    This book, Teddy Mars; Almost a World Record Breaker, is about a boy who lives in a family of 7 and loves reading and looking at the Guinness Book of World Records. Teddy, the main character, has had enough of his little brother Jake, and decides to get away from his family for a little bit and decides he wants to live outside. Therefore, Teddy experiences many adventures. I recommend this book to someone that loves adventures and fun.
    • lamore
      lamoreabout 7 years
      i want this book
      • spinnypeeps
        spinnypeepsover 7 years33 stars
        Ten- year- old Teddy Mars will never be the same again after he sees his brother climb into the cat box. He gets so annoyed at his sibling when he destroys his Guiness World Record Book that he even moves into a tent in the backyard! Watch his continuous failed attempts to break a world record when actually end up breaking one that was right under his nose... who knew sibling arguments could take such a positive turn? This book was hilariously satisfying. Do NOT judge this book by its cover.
        • selina
          selinaover 7 years55 starsFeatured
          This book starts out as Ms. Raffeli telling Teddy Mars to stop daydreaming during math class. Teddy says “I am not daydreaming. I am thinking of nails and you’ll by surprised how much it’s related to math. The nails are 28 feet and 4 ½ inches long. That has to be longer than our rug and taller than our walls“. Viva suddenly blurted out “let’s measure them to see if that’s true”. Ms. Raffeli is not impressed, she is annoyed by the way Teddy is acting. Next Teddy talks about his best friend Lonnie. Both Lonnie and Teddy love star wars and Lonnie is really smart. During lunch Lonnie and Teddy were talk about star wars while the new girl, named Viva, listens to them. Teddy REALLY wants Viva to sit somewhere else because he doesn’t like girls. Viva was listening to what happed to a boy named Jake (Teddy’s little brother). She couldn’t help but ask “Who’s Jake?” Lonnie said “Teddy’s little brother of course” before Teddy could stop him. After that Lonnie gave Viva the star wars test. Viva gets all the questions correct so Viva, Lonnie, and Teddy become best friends. Next Teddy talks about his family. He hates his siblings. Teddy hates Sharon ‘cause she sings too much. Teddy hates Maggie ‘cause she’s mean. Teddy hates Grace ‘cause she stomps on his foot for no reason. Teddy hates Jake ‘cause he destroys everything. Teddy hates Caitlin and Casey for no reason. At the end Teddy seems to think about his family differently. Now he loves everyone and The Destructor (Jake) now has stopped destructing and became regular old Jake. Also his siblings gave him a party because Teddy slept in a tent for 162 days. Grumpy Pigeon Man, Viva, Lonnie and his family were proud of him for breaking a world record.
          • jlin_swag
            jlin_swagover 7 years
            wow i think this book is just fabulous!
            • maddykate
              maddykateover 7 years44 stars
              at first i didn't read this book because i thought it would be boring but DO NOT JUDJE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER. Funny and intertaining i could not put this book down.
              • freed
                freedover 7 years
                I like this book
                • livime03
                  livime03over 7 years
                  This book seems really interesting, exiting and fantastic book. I'll make sure I read it sometime.
                  • pipermc11
                    pipermc11over 7 yearsFeatured
                    All Teddy wants is a day without his brother, Jake, (aka The Destructor) ruining it for him. But Jake won't let that happen, it seems. In fact, Teddy gets so fed up after Jake destroys his prized Guinness World Records Book, that he moves to a tent backyard. As he continues to attempt to break records, he has to deal with his brother's unfair respect. This was such a fantastic book, that can be relatable for all ages!
                    • peakreaderover 7 years
                      This was a great book that I really really enjoyed!!! It was funny, exciting and full of adventure. It was about a kid named Teddy Mars facing his annoying little brother (AKA The Destructor). My favorite character was Grumpy Pigeon Man because he was hilarious and had fifty seven pigeons that pooped all the time. Teddy was also awesome because he wanted to become a world record breaker.