When the first person on the Ultimate Bushcraft adventure holiday mysteriously dies, it's a tragedy. But when the second, and third die ...it's no longer mysterious: it's suspicious. Who can you trust when everyone left alive is a suspect? Who is the murderer? As the numbers dwindle, the chances of survival plummet ...Staying alive has never seemed so guilty. Perfect for fans of Michael Grant.
Paperback, 272 pages
Published on August 13, 2015 by Macmillan Children's Books
ISBN-10: 1447286758
ISBN-13: 9781447286752
3 Book Reviews
  • IG; cuccc.v2over 2 years
    Survivor is set in outback Australia and follows the story of George. After saving a baby from a burning building he gets the opportunity to go on the 'Ultimate Bushcraft Camp', with other kids around his age. Everything is going fine until the first victim dies. This is taken as a terrible tragedy, but when the second, third and fourth go its clear that no-one can be trusted.
    • nelsonc
      nelsoncalmost 6 years44 stars
      This book "Survivor" was by Tom Hoyle, the main character George was a 15 years old boy, because he saved two people in the fire building, so he was honored to join the Ultimate Bushcraft. In the trip, members getting murdered one by one, and the end with only George surviving. I chose this book to read is because I thought this book will be fun and cool, with the all green book cover, and creative book title. After reading this book,I will definitely recommend everyone who likes thriller novel to read this awesome book.
      • candyw
        candywover 6 years55 stars
        Survivor this book is about a boy called George, he saved a little baby from the burning building, and become a bit famous. He went to a boy camp that only has boy in it. Everything is fine, until the first murder start. I think this book is a very exciting, and a bit scary, because it has many mysterious inside the story. My favourite part of the story, is how the author describe one of the boy who died because of the spider's venom. I would recommend someone likes scary stories or action stories to read this book, because it is a action book, and it's full of mysterious.