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Grades 4 - 8Grade 5n/a4.257104
So why is March McQuin dangling upside-down twenty feet above a stone floor in the middle of the night, instead of tucked in bed like a regular kid? Along with his twin sister, Jules, he’s set on stealing a set of stunning diamonds. It should have been an easy job, in and out. Except another thief got there first. March and Jules are lucky to escape with their lives, and one measly stone.

Now the botched heist has created a world of trouble. The stone they grabbed was the Morning Star, one of a trio of famous sapphires, and it’s cursed. The theft puts the twins and their friends in the crosshairs of Interpol, the FBI, and a vicious adult gang of criminals. And worst of all, the only way to break the curse and set everything to rights is by pulling off two more impossible heists... and stealing the other two sapphires in the set.

Break out the black gloves. Lay out the masks. There’s a full moon coming, and jewels to steal...
Hardcover, 272 pages
Published on August 30, 2016 by Scholastic Press
ISBN-10: 0545863465
ISBN-13: 9780545863469
9 Book Reviews
  • ajg16
    ajg16over 3 years55 stars
    The four friends (March, Jules, Dariua and Izzy) from the book "Loot" are back again in this exciting book. March and his friends were retired living in a apartment building that they bought entirely and study still have almost 20 million from there last heist. Only problem is Hamish (March's dead dad Alfie's close friend) really wants them to steal a diamond for him - the 4 have no choice but to agree to help since he did a lot for them on there last heist. The heist goes good except for the fact that they now have ruthless criminals that go by the name "Top Cat" after the heist they realize they stole the "Morning Glory" one of three cursed gems. Once again they go through a crazy set of heist because there fortune has been stolen by there "Banker" ... This was a dramatic, exciting, book full of even more friendship then the last one. Recommended to 12+ Thanks for reading -Ajg16's reviews
    • ki-uover 3 years
      good book
      • glorya123
        glorya123over 3 years
        Best book
        • sbhksabkhsover 3 years
          Great, I just couldn't figure out the message of what happened in the book/ the theme, if anyone would clear this up for me that would be fantastic!
          • jack12439362820
            jack12439362820about 4 years55 stars
            I have read both books and they are both awesome the only thing I don't like is that there's only two books.
            • ajg16
              ajg16almost 5 years55 stars
              I didn't no there was a sequel to loot!!
              • bookwormlilyt13
                bookwormlilyt13about 5 years55 stars
                Best book ever. In the middle of it. Its about a group of kids who have no parents to stay with and to top it off they are criminals who have lost their first fortune and there group is slowly falling apart because of Zalliah's curse
                • ironmanx
                  ironmanxabout 5 years55 stars
                  Great Book
                  • shinningboy234
                    shinningboy234almost 6 years
                    Sting, the amazing sequel to Loot. One thing March knows is not to do a favor for a friend, so why did he go to get one of the most cursed gems in the world for a friend? Read the book to find out.