Spy for the Night Riders: Martin Luther (Trailblazer Books #3)

Thrilling adventure stories introducing young readers (ages 82) to Christian heroes of the past. Karl Schumacher was fifteen when he came to the German city of Wittenberg in 520 seeking an education. He had been very fortunate that the esteemed university professor, Doctor Martin Luther, had taken him into his household as a servant. Luther's promise of tutoring Karl in exchange for his labor was the chance of a lifetime until a poster on the church door declared his master a heretic! Karl is asked to travel with Doctor Luther to appear before the emperor's Imperial Council in the city of Worms. Will his life be at stake as well as Luther's? And who is the mysterious young lady who shadows their trip? Could she be a spy for Luther's enemy, Doctor Eck? Or might the night riders be secret supporters of Luther? With danger lurking on every side, who can Karl trust?
Paperback, 128 pages
Published on February 1, 1992 by Bethany House Publishers
ISBN-10: 1556612370
ISBN-13: 9781556612374
8 Book Reviews
  • kidshome4over 1 year
    Well I Always read this book its so Awesome you should read it Oh its to Special to me And it is About King DR.Mather It added lots of Detail I didn't like it because it ended the storys on the best parts I love when they fight the Gospel its my favorite partšŸ¤©
    • okokiread
      okokireadover 1 year55 stars
      The story is a good book. I like the book because it added much detail it has a really good point of views it describes things very well I love that he went to church and tried to fight for the right of the gospel. the reason I think he should not be burned is that he is trying to stop the pope from teaching people the wrong thing. I DIDN'T LIKE THE STORY BECAUSE: they ended the chapters when it gets to the best part because I really really liked the book. I didn't like it because I couldn't read it more but it is an amazing story. SPOILER: its about king dr. Mather
      • bubblysnowgirl
        bubblysnowgirlover 1 year33 stars
        It was boring because it was taking about there trip. There were taking boring in the audio. I like it a little bit because there were talking about the adventure and about being spys.
        • isaaccon
          isaacconover 1 year44 stars
          I thought the book was Superb!! There was so much excitement to it. I like how Martin Luther thought Karl was crazy. You never know what would happen to Karl and Arlene. The only bad part about the book was that the ending was terrible, But overall it was great ^_^
          • cyzewity-160079636009
            cyzewity-160079636009over 1 year55 stars
            the ending was not exciting. my favorite caricter was martin Luther! so the was half terrible and a bit exciting. I would like it if it had spy's.
            • henupowa-160079635981
              henupowa-160079635981over 1 year55 stars
              it was soo bad because there was to much in the first chapter and it did not make sense
              • sakura_thana
                sakura_thanaover 1 year44 stars
                it is a great book I love the way Karl ask so much question with the girl or the watcher
                • okokiread
                  okokireadover 1 year55 stars
                  im still reading but this book is amazing