Sonic Universe 6: Treasure Team Tango

Team Rose vs. Team Hooligan vs. Team Babylon vs. Team Dark in a winner-take-all battle royal! The race is on for the missing Sol Emeralds as the heroic Amy Rose teams up with the fiery Blaze the Cat and the charming Cream the Rabbit in this, super-fun, action-packed hit story! It may take two to tango, but it takes 12 to Treasure Team Tango in this latest installment of Archie's successful Sonic Universe graphic novel series!

Sonic Universe 6 collects the entire "Treasure Team Tango" SEGA game character-centric storyline from the Sonic Universe comic book issues #21-24.
Paperback, 104 pages
Published on December 24, 2013 by Archie Comics
ISBN-10: 1936975726
ISBN-13: 9781936975723
9 Book Reviews
  • cream
    creamover 1 year55 stars
    It is an awesome book and I love it!I am a sonic fan so anyways, I think ANYONE would love it! (I think I already wrote a review for this book but it is not showing up.) Just read it.
    • Shamiracle almost 2 years
      this book makes me cry
      • wastfulpolice
        wastfulpoliceabout 4 years44 stars
        IT IS OK I GUESS
        • wastfulpolice
          wastfulpoliceabout 4 years44 stars
          I say it is ok i guess
          • sonic fanalmost 6 years
            I am your number one fan your speed is so fast
            • adamaka6909
              adamaka6909about 6 years
              I love sonic he is one of my fav
              • kathleenpony
                kathleenponyabout 6 years
                Wow, I love this comic! It's so awesome, mostly because Team Dark is in it.
                • house8over 8 years
                  i liked it very much
                  • cora123
                    cora123over 8 years