Skulduggery Pleasant Playing with Fire

Book 2 of 9 in the Skulduggery Pleasant Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 5 - 12Grades 3 - 5n/a4.9n/a

Meet Skulduggery Pleasant

Ace Detective
Snappy Dresser
Razor–tongued Wit
Crackerjack Sorcerer
Walking, Talking,
Fire-throwing Skeleton

—as well as ally, protector, and mentor of Stephanie Edgley, a very unusual and darkly talented twelve-year-old.

These two alone must defeat an all-consuming ancient evil.

The end of the world?

Over his dead body.

Hardcover, 320 pages
ISBN-10: 0007257031
ISBN-13: 9780007257034
3 Book Reviews
  • patricky
    patrickyover 6 years55 stars
    This book is the second book of the Skulduggery Pleasant series and in this book, Valkyrie (Stephanie) and Skulduggery are trying to stop Baron Vengeous from being dark evil gods back to the world. While reading this book, there are parts where it's funny and there are parts where its sad, and I liked how the author wrote the conversations of the characters. I also liked how the author made the book unpredictable and added surprising events, so when I was reading the book, I didn't expect those events or endings. I think Valkyrie is like the character Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series because in the beginning Harry doesn't know a lot of magic but still manages to defeat Voldemort or his minions several times, and even though Valkyrie isn't very powerful, she still beats Baron Vengeous and Dusk by outwitting and tricking them. I would recommend this book to people who enjoyed the first book Skulduggery Pleasant and would rate it 5/5 stars.
    • beepbop
      beepbopabout 7 years
      I accidentilly read this one first instad of the first one (skullduggery pleasant). I reccomend this book, but i also reccomend reading them in order! :) There is only the first three at my library, but I put in a purcase requet for the rest of them. I have read all of them at lest three times
      • penguin313
        penguin313over 8 years55 stars
        A very funny book. Though it was a little gory at some parts, it was very suspenseful and made you want to read more.