The Misadventures of Max Crumbly 2: Middle School Mayhem

The Misadventures of Max Crumbly 2: Middle School Mayhem

By Rachel Renée Russell

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From #1 New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries author Rachel Renee Russell comes the second book in an all-new series about Max Crumbly and his daily ups and downs in middle school.

When we last left our hero, Max Crumbly, he had crash-landed on top of a Mighty Meat Monster pizza after taking a late night tumble through the vents at South Ridge Middle School—and he was completely surrounded by three ruthless criminals!

Will Max be shredded to bits like mozzarella cheese on the hard and crunchy pizza crust of doom?

Can his friend and sidekick, computer whiz Erin, help get him out of this sticky situation alive?
Publisher: Aladdin
ISBN-13: 9781481460033
ISBN-10: 148146003X
Published on 6/6/2017
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 240

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This is a good story but not good as DORK DIARIES

i have never read this book before but I really want to but I cant

I liked this book, but it was not as good as Dork Diaries. This book is the second book in the Max Crumbly series. This book started as Max was surrounded by three ruthless criminals. He needs to escape, but he doesn't know how to. Lucky for him, Erin, his "sidekick" is there with him and helps him through his mess. However, they still need to capture the bad guys and hold them responsible for stealing the schools computers. How will they do it?

Hey guys I really want to read this book is because of the day I realized that all of Rachel Renee Russell 's books are awesome so I have read the whole dork diaries series

Cool sequel ! Action packed and the kids are very clever. Great book. You can relate to the character Max sometimes. Very excited for the next book!

SopherDopher SopherDopher

I think the book was great! But what is the reading level?

Dabmaster4 Dabmaster4

I think this book is an awesome.I think it is because of all the amazing things. Like how to deal with bullying in a funny way.

enick enick

this is a very funny book

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