Evil Star (The Gatekeepers, Book Two)

Evil Star (The Gatekeepers, Book Two)

By Anthony Horowitz

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Book 2 of 5 in the  The Gatekeepers Series
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Grades 6 - 8Grades 3 - 5S4.786626
The second thrilling, chilling installment in Anthony Horowitz's bestselling Gatekeepers series.

Matt thought his troubles were over when he closed Raven's Gate . . . but in fact they were just beginning. His fate -- and the fate of the world -- is tied to four other kids across the globe. The second is a street kid in Peru. He and Matt have never met; they don't even speak the same language. But destiny is going to throw them together as the evil threat of the Old Ones grows . . . and another Gate suddenly comes into play.

Another masterful thriller from supernaturally suspenseful Anthony Horowitz.
Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
ISBN-13: 9781406338867
ISBN-10: 1406338869
Published on 7/4/2013
Binding: Paperback

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It stars Matt Freeman, the one in Ravens Gate, who then finds a boy named Pedro, a Peruvian boy who steals and lives in a place called Poison Town. Pedro then finds out that he is one of the five and he is a healer. He helps Matt try to stop the Old Ones from entering this world, but the Old Ones escape. Matt and Pedro defeat the leader of the Old Ones named Chaos, yet they are soon to return. I rate 5/5 stars.

This was another great book by Anthony Horowitz and and it was a very exciting book. I was very relieved that this wasn't a first book is great and the second book is bad type of book. This book is about Matt and another kid, Pedro. They first meet when Matt gets abandoned in Peru and he falls asleep. Pedro then attempts to rob him of his watch and some other valuables then Matt wakes up and shoos him away. He eventually walks into a hotel but the police found him first a brutally beat him up. He eventually runs outside and Pedro grabs out a slingshot and starts shooting at the police. They manage to escape and meet together at a place called "Poison Town". I liked this book a lot because he wasn't able to speak English but they still managed to communicate. It was a very breathtaking novel and I couldn't stop reading it.

so far its good i haven't gotten far but it still interesting who knew that his step-aunt liked the big wheel and that a person can talk to her through it even if it was just a re-run. and Matt's going to a new school where everything is neat and tidy

THIS IS AN AMAZING BOOK!!!!!!!!!! It is the 2nd in the series!!!!!!!!!! I can not even explain how good this book and the rest of the series is!!!!!!!!!!